WALK ON WATERI live in Siberia, from an early age-hunting, fishing. Our wonderful Siberian. A lot of rivers and lakes. Rich in fish and game. Most of all I love to hunt waterfowl. But to take it is sometimes impossible: impenetrable swamps, marshes, sibony, impassable reeds. A lot I was thinking how and what to get there. And stopped water skiing special design. They will go everywhere. But what to make? A search began.

The first option was this: a wide wooden skis, and the top — a few volleyball cameras. Buoyancy this ski had, but the camera was in the way. Tried to rivet the capacity of a thin sheet of tin — again not.
But somehow got into the hands of the foam. It was precisely the material that for so long I subconsciously was looking for. This was confirmed by the first experiments.
Started with the model. Clay did man, weighed, put on a miniature foam skis and in the wine checked buoyancy. Counted so that half of the ski can withstand the weight of a person.
Then went on to design skis in full size. It was an excellent ski. I’m very happy with them. Lightweight, comfortable, maneuverable. The third year they hunt, and fish: all on the feet and hands are free, helpers do not need.
Remember your first ski out to the lake. The whole village was gathered on the shore: isn’t that interesting? There is a man walking on the lake! After all, skiing-it is not visible from a distance.
Arrived three fishermen on canoes: “Not scary to you? Here the depth of 30 meters.” But then I realized that my skis safer their canoes.
Began to besiege me wishing, began to advise us to produce the drawings. Did I decided to offer readers of your magazine.
Fig. 1. Vodorodnoe ski:
1-2 — left and right lyini; 3 — slot racks (aluminum tube Ø 22 mm); 4 — transverse dural angles; 5 bolts M6 or M8 to build skis in a catamaran; 6 — removable dural angles; 7 — mounting holes for the bolts 5; 8 — recess for the legs; 9 — sling swivel; 10 — nylon halyard; 11 — rod attachment of the blade with the outside area; 12 — jointed blade; 13 — external dural area; A — side view from the outside, B — inside.
Fig. 2. Stick to vodorodnoe skiing:
1 — duralumin tube, 2 — supporting, and retaining ring; 3 — a hollow foam cone; 4 — wire centering the coupler; 5 — tip of the ski stick
Fig. 3. Catamaran from vodorodnoe ski.
Fig. 4. The pattern of the blade and fastening it.
Fig. 5. Mount cross area.

I tried that on my ski was not only to hunt or fish. Want to use them, I think, and sport, and in the rescue: because one pair of skis can keep afloat 8 -10 people.
Vodorodnoe skis can be made of a light porous material — foam. Then the total weight of their sticks is just 9.5 kg. It is two times lighter boats in the yard.
To make skiing easy. Take 3 sheets of foam 900X900X90 mm and each cut into three pieces (foam well cut, sawed, fuguetta on woodworking machines). Includes 9 pieces. Eight is on skis, and the ninth seat to the catamaran. Glue them in the package need epoxy resin, after giving the plates a smooth surface.
The Assembly of each ski produced by masonry; between the bars to connect wood studs that provide the structure additional strength. They are pasted on the epoxy into the body of the foam.
All parts of the ski are mounted on the same pitch screws, screw in wooden plugs. At the end of the Assembly ski cover casein glue and paint in the colour prevailing on the pond vegetation.
Left (1) right (2) skiing (Fig. 1) on the inner side have holes Ø20—25 mm, where glue is inserted into the dural tube (3) — slot racks. In the front and rear ski mounted transverse angles (4) with nuts for assembling the ski catamaran. On the inner lateral side of the fixed removable dural area (6) 35X35X1000 mm, which has four holes Ø7—9mm to build skis in a catamaran. At the center of this corner riveted sling swivel (9) — for attaching tether (10). It is for beginners (subsequently, a drawstring is not needed).
On the outside of the ski (Fig. 1 A) mounted on epoxy resin and screws two area 20X20X1500 mm — top and bottom (13). They fixed stocks (11) small “fins”-blades (12). They provide impetus on the water: when moving the skis forward each fold is pressed, and when in stock they are moving away, resting, like the paddle nearly perpendicular, and thereby an effect of repulsion.
Stick to the “Vodochody” is made from a regular ski, but instead of the support ring install the foam hollow cone that is fastened to the rings with cotter pins (Fig. 2).
To build skis in a catamaran (Fig. 3) you need to swap left and right skis to blades were on the inside, between them.
Then Unscrew the bolts (5), longitudinal dural (6) disconnected — they become the crossbars: one in front, the other
back. They screw the same bolts (5) to nuts mounted in the lateral parts.
If you build in a catamaran holes (3) skiing will be on the outside. If they insert small sticks and stretch canvas panels, it is convenient to place your cargo — duffel bag, ammunition, fishing tackle. Canvas panels can be a sail, and ski pole — mount it. Placing the sticks in different holes, adjust the direction of the catamaran under sail.
Hunting blind is also easy to assemble out of these skis. Installed in the holes of the stick with a length of 1-1,5 m (depending on the desired height of the tent).
Then take a nylon mesh with a width of 1-1,5 m and a length of 10 m (such a grid is nothing more than a tin weighs 150— 200g). Pull it on sticks around the perimeter, in one row. The camouflage mesh fill material: grass, hay, reeds. The second row of the grid sprinkles on top — to secure the masking layer. Turns out floating blind from which to hunt anywhere on the pond. It’s the same set of decoy ducks or stuffed animals, pick up dead game.
After hunting the catamaran will serve you for the night tent: it is necessary only to pull on the stick the string, and the top — light canvas cavity or film. On a canvas floor laid already unnecessary masking material and ready the bed for two. You can sleep on the water, in the reeds.
The first skis I made the lower arrangement of the blades. But then moved them to the side. With the lower “fins” it’s good to walk on hollow water: push it turns out effective, but more difficult on smoothly, sibunag and reeds. And side blades can go on the net and overgrown ponds. On their skis I go there, where nothing more will not pass and will not pass. Catamaran of them, collected over 2 min., groove for 20 min, and the tent of the pit for 5 min.
The next version of the ski I think to make it even easier and without reducing their load-carrying capacity and stability, increase movement speed and maneuverability.

A. RUSANOV, Tobolsk

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