Aeromodelling laboratory at the club of young technicians Kakhovka plant of concrete products of 50 years of the USSR created three years ago. Began to engage in a small room of an ordinary house, and now CUT has a spacious, bright room in the new Palace of culture “Improver”, has all the necessary equipment, machines, tools. Here is the first in Kherson region the track, which now hosts all regional competitions on aviamodelling sports. Last year in Kakhovka took place championship of Ukraine on kordovy the aircraft.

The construction of the track was a great help for the development of model airplanes in the city and primarily for young modelers. Now they have no equal. They have achieved the first victories in national competitions. Ninth-George Savenko has won the title of champion of Ukraine in the class of models of “air combat”. Here is a description and drawings of his “bouzouki”.


In developing this model (Fig. 1), we tried to strictly adhere to the basic requirements for the class of models of “air combat”. Without any missing parts, we managed to build a lightweight (weight without engine 190-200 g) and quite strong “bouzouki”, able to withstand the battle in the air. Even after the model is an unsuccessful maneuver vertically crashed into a grassy area, it remained intact.

Design fabrication is carried out “commercially”. As a result, the construction of the model, each high school student spends an average of 3-4 classes. Save time and effort is very important because participation in only one competition often leads to loss chetyreche machines.
Fig. 1. General view of the model
Fig. 1. General view of the model:
A control circuit, B — mount the horn to the steering wheel.

“Bouzouki” performed by the traditional scheme of “flying wing”. Front, back edges, and ending it is a single frame made up of four fake bands 2 mm thick on the device (Fig. 2, G). Strip before gluing sorted so that the layers of wood do not match. Start to glue (PVA glue or casein) from the junction of the frame with the engine mount, gradually drawing the strip to the end of the blanks and primativa them with rubber bandage. If the bands were double or triple width, after drying the workpiece is cut along a thin saw work two or even three of the frame of the wings. Then the little plane give them the necessary section.

MOTOR mount cut of seven-layer plywood. The fuel tank soldered tinplate with a thickness of 0.2 mm, and the filling and drainage tube and the side wall is soldered after the installation of the tank into the motor. To the rear of the tank soldered curved U-shape, the axis of rocking of wire Ø of 2 mm. the swing control is made from duralumin with a thickness of 1.5 mm. the Frame of the wing with epoxy glued to the front wall of the fuel tank and tied the thread.
Rib — Linden veneer thickness of 2 mm. the Profile is attached to them in place after gluing. The Central rib is embedded into the mount, and above and below it pasted the lime strip 1.5 mm thick.
Steering WHEEL cut out of plywood with a thickness of 3 mm. Hog made from thick celluloid. For the tie rod end used Bicycle spoke, the other thrust is made of double twisted steel cords. The locks are bent from a steel wire Ø 0.8 mm, which top wear a vinyl chloride tube.
Fig. 2. The details of the model
Fig. 2. Model details:
A — Elevator B — engine mount, fuel tank, G is gluing of the frame on the fixture, the D — variant of the frame under the engine KMD-2,5.

External console uploaded 15 g of lead. There’s also a pinned spike. Under the engine mount installed ski wire OVS Ø 2 mm.
The model is covered with a polymer adhesive film, pre-heated and welded with iron. This coating has a special strength, elasticity and not become saturated with fuel. You can paste over the model and long-fibre paper, soaking it 4-5 times nitrocream. Markings using stencil applied nitro.
“Bouzouki” mounted engine MD-2.5, is converted into a compression option (also suitable CSTOM-2.5 and KMD-2,5). In the latter case, the frame of the wing in the place of installation of the engine is curved in the sketch (Fig. 2, D). This camber required to ensure the desired alignment, as KMD-2,5 back cover stands far back.
V. RANKIN. the head of the aircraft modeling lab, Kakhovka

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