CARDBOARD CARTo join automodelismo the summer holidays will help is quite simple and yet quite successful design of a sports car. Created in Leningrad by modelers, it has proven to be promising for wide use in the self-similar circles pioneer camps, clubs of technical creativity in the community and at home.

The contours of the body templates presented on the pages of the magazine, should be using the overhead projector or on the cells (as is done when increasing the figures) to transfer to cardboard and then they cut sharp knife. In accordance with figure 1, the side parts 1 and 2 are glued to the teeth are bent parts 6 and 7 formed by the upper part of the body. On the sides of the body all plane attach the facings 8 and 9.
Then, using the tip of a knife or razor blade cut the side and the front line of the hood. To cap has failed, the inside podklyuchaetsya frame 10, which will serve as a support for the hood. Curved piece 3, which is the air intake, also mounted with glue on the cover at the location marked trapezoidal quadrilateral, which can be pre-cut.
The bottom of the body 11 with bent edges glued on the inside of the body so that it is under the passenger cabin. To it are attached the bottom of the seats 4 and 5, and. the upper part of the backrest to the front of the part of the body 6.
Formed on the exterior ledges of the sidewalls 1 and 2 are decorative add-ons for the rear signal lights. They bend angle and its curved side glued to the upper surface of the body. The body Assembly ends.
The stain performed using the nitrocellulose aerosol or a simple spray. And only then glued the windscreen made from a piece of transparent celluloid.
Chassis model consists of a frame 12 and four wheels, sawed jigsaw from 3-mm plywood. Wheels with a diameter of 45-50 mm. the Latter can also carve from solid rubber, as shown in figure 3. Or pick up ready-made. For example, from broken toys, from the sets of “Designer” and produced for model aircraft series wheels. Axis are being manufactured from 3 mm steel wire. Bearings made of tin, in the form of brackets, attach small nails from the bottom to the frame.
When assembling the front axle need to solder to it a gear, it had teeth 5-6 times more than the gear mounted on the axis of the motor. The engine is attached to the plywood frame using special clamps or clamp made of a tin strip.
Assembly diagram
Assembly diagram “sports car”:
The 1.2 — side panel, 3 air inlet, 4, and 5 — seat, 6—rear upper part of the body, 7 — hood, 8,9 — facing, 10 — frame, 11 — underbody, 12 — frame, 13—cord strap, 14 — motor.

Patterns of body parts
Templates of body parts.
Production wheel
Wheel manufacturer:
1 — processing spikes, 2 — ready wheel.

Lighting equipment
Lighting equipment:
1 — mount light bulbs (tin, brass), 2 — device headlight n front position lamp 3 — tail lamp signal (two-tone), 4 signal tail lamp (tricolor).

A device a stopping device
Device stopping devices:
1 — switch, 2 antenna.

Cord strap is rigidly attached to the frame at the model’s center of gravity. Distance from the longitudinal axis of the model to the center of the holes on the strap 130-140 mm hole Diameter at least 3 mm.
Possibility of the further improvement of the structure is not limited. It is easy, for example, to strengthen the body, wycleef it from the inside with a cloth, adding to corners, bosses, and ribs. Will not be also difficulties and equipment micromachines headlights, sidelights and lights — with bulbs of the flashlight.
Cord filament (a thin wire, fishing line or strong thread), linking the model with the simplest cordovil device (pin), will allow testing of the model (competition) indoors, on asphalt, concrete or firmly compacted ground.
With such a model (class E-4) can be made on the official regional and Republican competitions among children and adolescents (10-11 years), if involved with cars in this class provided by the regulations of the competitions. In this case, the models allowed the application of the motor voltage to 5 V from the number received and admitted to trading network. It is also envisaged the presence and stopping devices made of a small (rocker) switch with soldered (or attached in another way) antenna.
Of course, the model needs to be carefully painted. Cars with sloppy finishing and colouring to the competition are not allowed.

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