GOAL - ZENITToday we want to introduce readers passionate about rocket modeling, with interesting design, developed and applied with success in competitions Czechoslovak athlete Joseph Rihoy. In 1983, the model helped him to achieve high results: in the championship of Czechoslovakia, he was a silver medalist, to become the first it was allowed only an unfortunate accident — the parachute didn’t open in the last round, it happened because of moisture on the dome at the last landing in the wet grass. It should be noted that the champion of the competition used the model of such a scheme.

A characteristic feature of this microsociety is to use a special adapter that allows you to install rocket engines reduced diameter (piercing). Without adapter on model is easily mounted engines of the classical type.
The missile body is made of four layers of thin gummed paper, similar to a thin cable. Diameter metal mandrel for attaching the housing of 17.8 mm. the Last two layers of paper after gluing prokleivayutsya hot iron. After they are completely dry body, vyskazyvat and triple-coated with a liquid napolcom. After drying, it is trimmed to the length of the waste is cut off the ring with a length of 5 mm for more precise manufacturing of the head fairing. Finished case again processed with fine abrasive paper, coated with a thin layer of glossy nitro lacquer and once again polished.
Fairing cut on the machine from balsa and light ply. Bore diameter is processed exactly according to paper checklists ringlet. Wyszkolenia fairing is finished in the same sequence and with the same compositions as the body, only it is necessary to remember about the mandatory treatments the skin in the intervals between all coatings.
Stabilizers are cut from balsa medium density thickness of 1.5 mm. Front edge securevault to obtain a sharp streamlined (and, more importantly, symmetrical) in shape, back rounded. The exterior finish of the stabilizers is similar to the already mentioned elements.
The adapter, or rather its base, the circumferential metal frame d 14 mm five layers of gummed paper. After drying, the workpiece is cut along the length and once varnished. Made from lightweight yet sturdy balsa 2 mm thick, cut two strips 10X50 and 20X50 mm, the layers of wood should be placed along the short side of the rectangular workpiece. After enduring ten minutes in warm water, gently wrapped around the base of the adapter is fixed in that position and dried. After they are completely dry wood, cut through the balsa tube with a razor blade through the overlap, remove waste, and glue the “bandages” on the base. Processing them to the required dimensions is carried out on a mandrel mounted in the Chuck of the machine. During this operation, once again need test pattern-ring. The conical part of the adapter is finished according to the known technology, the rest of the surface of the part once varnished.
Fig. 1. Model missiles Ѕ3А:
1 — the stabilizer, 2 — guide ring, 3 — adapter, 4 — body, 5 — fairing.
Fig. 2. The fastening system of threads on the engine:
1 — engine, 2 — strip Skoch, 3 — connecting thread, 4 — clip.

Ready the adapter glued in the aft body mounted stabilizers. In the “bottom” of the head fairing by means of a wooden wedge that is fixed by the rubber thread a cross section of 1X2 mm, length 200 mm, attached To her thin strong thread with a length of about 400 mm, load at the other end of the paperclip made of thin soft wire. The latter is mounted on the motor strip of tape Skoch.
The model is equipped with a parachute d 1 m, cut in the form of shestnadcatiletnie. Sling length — 2 m. For better traceability of the model on the descent the parachute is painted in bright colors. It is hinged at the coupling rubber thread 70 mm from the head fairing. The connecting thread is mounted on the housing at the center of gravity of the rocket (in the case, should be installed exhaust engine) strip of thin Skoch.
Model takes off from the guide pin 0 5 mm. On the pin missile is held by two tubular guide rails, rolled on the mandrel d 5.5 mm of duralumin foil of 0.3 mm thickness.
According to the magazine “Modelarz”, Czechoslovakia

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