HANDLE WITH KNOBno matter How Limeray the length of the wire cord, all the same thread sizes is not exactly the same. To the neutral position of the Elevator corresponds to the vertical position of the control handle, modelers use a variety of methods of adjustment of the lengths of cord. One of them we want to bring to your attention. Is the use of a screw mechanism located in the handle of the control model. To make such a handle by a Modeler of any skill level. However, it is quite convenient to reconfigure when moving from one model to another takes a matter of seconds. This is enough for the thumb of the right hand to turn the wheel controller associated with located in the housing screw. Sliding nut when it is moved and moves the cable.

The pen body is glued from three layers of plywood or the PCB. The thickness of the side walls 4 mm, the middle part is about 10 mm. sliding nut of rectangular shape. It has a threaded hole M6, the same thread on the screw. In a nut drilled 1.5 mm hole O, through which is passed a steel cable. In his exit from the pen sealed a copper or brass tube with an inner diameter of 2 mm.
control Knob cord model
Pen control cord model:
1 — termination loops (copper tube) 2 — wire 3 — copper tube, 4 — body handles, 5 — screw mounting side, b — screw, 7 — the washer 8 — the adjustment wheel 9 — locking screw, 10 — way nut.

Handle going in that order. Glued the middle part of the housing and one of the sidewalls. In the housing set screw with nut, washers and wheel controller, and through the hole in the nut is passed a rope. Then it is soldered to the nut, and put two copper tubes, which are glued on the epoxy in the hull. It remains to be screwed to the housing second side wall, clean up and sanding it and the pen is ready.
Handle any paint nitroemalyu. Her upper highlight color to avoid confusion when performing maneuvers.

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