INSTEAD OF FUEL - CO2The release of carbon dioxide industry miniature engines has caused many young technicians ‘ interest in the models in which you can use this reliable, silent, environmentally friendly motor. In the “M-K” have already talked about a few simple ship models with such engines. Today we offer you to make simple model airplane motor CO2. By construction, this classic high set scheme, made without the use of scarce balsa wood — mostly pine and light lime. The fuselage of the model are collected from pine spars a cross section of 2X2 mm and cross-beams of the same section. The Assembly is the simplest slipway, made of two sheets of plywood, covered with plastic wrap — so that the workpiece is not glued to the slipway. Build order is as follows: the rack-bars fixed with pins, then cut between the frame crossmember and finally the joints fill with epoxy glue so that between the blanks formed a fillet — a fillet transition. Billet spars are pre-bent over a candle flame. First, it makes sense to applied to the wall side of the fuselage, and then collect from half of spatial farm. Please note that the front spars of the fuselage together reinforced frame — lime plate thickness of 3 mm, it also serves as the basis for the engine mounts. The front part of the fuselage top and bottom (bottom to the rear edge of the wing and top to the front) paste over fake veneer thickness of 1 mm.
The fuselage is covered macalintal paper followed by varnishing with liquid Amalita.
The keel is made up of three strips and glued into the aft fuselage. The vertical tail also applies a kind of rudder is glued to the keel foam plate about 2 mm thick.
The frame of the horizontal tail consists of strips of a cross section of 2X2 mm. With the fuselage it connects rigidly with the help of model aircraft rubber. For this purpose in the rear part of the fuselage glued two wooden bamboo pin Ø 2-2,5 mm.
Wing airplane of classic design with dvukhpolosnykh spar. Each shelf is a pine rail cross section of 2X2 mm. cross-Section of the front edge — also 2X2 mm, rear — mm. 4X2 Rib — lime, veneer thickness of 1 mm. In the middle part of the wing covered with fake mm veneer. Wing tight macalintal paper by standard techniques, that is, the paper is superimposed on the frame lying on the simplest slipway, is stretched and fixed on the stocks of stationery buttons. Further along the lines of the frame members of the wing to apply enamel. After it dries cover the opposite side of the wing, then the excess paper and cut the lining in two or three passes is coated with a liquid Amalita.
Svobodnaya model airplane with carbon-dioxide engine.
Svobodnaya model airplane with carbon-dioxide engine:
1 — propeller (engine), 2 — jet, 3 — connecting tube, 4 — cylinder for liquid gas 5 — ring (lip thickness of 3 mm) 6, 10, 12 — the upright fuselage farm (pine section 2X2 mm), 7 — charging nozzle of the cylinder, 8 — pin wing mounting (bamboo Ø 2 mm), 9 — ending pole pine (3X3 mm), 11 — the longerons of the fuselage (pine 2X2 mm), 13 — Klondike (Linden), 14 — rib keel (pine 2X2 mm), 15 — the front edge of the keel (pine 2X2 mm), 16 — keel spar (pine 2X3 mm), 17 — rudder (foam 2 mm thick), 18 — tail boss (Linden), 19 — pin mounting of the horizontal tail (bamboo Ø 2 mm) 20 — the Central rib of the horizontal tail (pine 2X2 mm) 21 — ending of the horizontal tail (pine 2X2 mm), 22 — leading edge of the horizontal tail (pine 2X2 mm) 23 — the trailing edge of the horizontal tail (pine 2X2 mm), 24 — rib of the horizontal tail (pine 2X2 mm), 25 — crossbar (pine 2X3 mm), 26 — fuselage cross farm (pine 2X3 mm), and 27 trailing edge of the wing (pine 2X4 mm), 28 — the wing spars (pine 2X2 mm), 29 in the front edge of the wing (pine 2X2 mm), 30 — rib (lip thickness of 1 mm), 31 — wing tip (lip thickness of 1.5 mm), 32 — rib of the wing pylon (Linden thickness of 2 mm), 33 — vertical stand pole pine (2X4 mm) 34 — the front edge of the pole pine (3X3 mm).

A wing fixed to the pylon streamlined model airplane tires with two taped to a bamboo pole pins Ø 2 mm Pole set consists of three ribs and four struts. In the cavity of the pylon is a “fuel tank” — the tank with compressed carbon dioxide supplied to the engine. This solution significantly reduces the total drag of the model and improve planning quality.
Horizontal tail and fin are covered macalintal paper is exactly the same as the wing. Don’t forget that in both cases the surface of the tail are pasted over with paper on both sides.
The motor is fixed on the front the power of the frames stuck in it two screws and two nuts with thread M2. Note that the axis of the crankshaft of the engine must be Vegas right 2 degrees and down by 1.5°.
Assembled model shall have a weight not exceeding 100 g. engine running Time on one filling of about 40 — during this time, the model taking off on a motor mode, a wide spiral upward, gaining about 50 m height. The model can be equipped with determinisation approximately the same time of which are equipped with airplane. She plans steadily, and landing costs, as a rule, without serious breakdowns. This largely contributes to the elastic — using the rubber bands mount the wing and horizontal tail.
According to the magazine “Modelarz”, Czechoslovakia

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