MANNED TRAINING...Three sticks — two strings… So modelers joking about educational models. Those and in fact, usually— solid wood: the wing and the fuselage, and the stabilizer keel of the purple plates. Despite the simplicity of such devices is their performance leaves much to be desired — high specific load on the wing allows you to perform horizontal flight.

One can, however, without substantial complication of the model dramatically improve its handling qualities. This is achieved by full mechanization of the wing, equipping it with deflected slats and flaps. Make it a snap.
After production of the flat, with rounded front and pointed rear edges of the wing cut it into three parts, as shown in the figure. The hinges by which the flap and the slat are mounted on consoles that are made of sheets of aluminum of 0.5 mm thickness and steel pins made of wire Ø 0,5 mm.
DLL upgraded model will need chetyrehpolozyj rocking control. During commissioning of the control system ensure that when the limit arm moves the rudder deflection was ±30°, flap at ±20°, and the slat — ±15°.
Upgraded model with a mechanized wing
The upgraded model with the mechanized wing:
A diagram of the model B — the principle of operation of Organon management. In the main nodes of the mechanized wing:
1 — axis (wire Ø 0,5), 2 — loop panel (aluminum 0.5 mm thick), 3 — pin hinges, 4 — chetyrehpolozyj rocking control (duralumin with a thickness of 1.5 mm), 5 — pylon (aluminum 0.5 mm thick). 6 – flaps, 7 — slat, 8 — axis of rotation (wire Ø 1 mm), 9 — bearing (copper tube).

Here, indeed, the entire modernization. The first flights of a new model cause athletes usually concern. But with this step on the track and you will see how dramatically improved the “volatility” of the model: now she can even perform some maneuvers, easily responding to the lightest movement of the control knob.

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