UNIVERSAL PLATFORMFOR HIGH-SPEED RADIO CONTROLLED MODEL WITH INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES. Model of class “Grand Prix”, which the figure shows a contour is given in scale of 1 :8. Engine — the meteor-MD-5, but it may fit “MK-12V” and “Rhythm”. With the last model’s speed will be somewhat less.

Frame the platform is made of sheet duralumin 6 mm thick, other parts of the same material thickness: 3 mm platform Dimensions for different models may vary from the geometry shown. The sub plate also can be made of sheet aluminum or other material (textolite, plastic).
Shock absorbers, foam rubber are only on the front wheels.
The composition of the model and the individual parts
The composition of the model and the individual parts
The layout of the model and the individual parts:
a — fuel tank b — hardware radio control — servo and servo-mechanism; g batteries; d — controls wheels; e — view along section “A”.
1 — wheel; 2 — pulley; 3 — belt; 4 — body; 5-bushing; 6 — shock absorbers (springs); 7 — front wall sub-frame; 8 — high wall; 9 — rear wall sub-frame; 10 — detail of the steering linkage.

The transmission from the engine to the wheels via gear or pulley. The belt must have a corrugated inner surface for mitigating the shocks during motion of the model on the track.
Transmission from the motor shaft is on one wheel.
Tank for fuel mixture made of tin or plastic.

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