STOVE IN THE RIVERBreeders know that the cattle to drink cold water means to ruin him. Therefore, on farms install various kinds of heaters. In recent years often use a variety of electrical devices built into the water system.

And what about where there is no running water, and animals expel water to natural water bodies? Since the water in the river will not heat! However, paradoxically, an unusual method of heating water directly in the hole suggested the rural innovator from Yakutia carpenter M. N. TRYUKOV.
The scheme of installation of water heater in the hole
The scheme of installation of water heater in the hole:
1 — ice, 2 — wooden box (2500Х1500Х1750), 3 — heater (iron barrel), 4 — trap (pipe Ø 50 mm), 5 — firebox (welded from iron sheets with thickness 1.5—2 mm), 6 — flue pipe Ø 150 mm 7 — hole in the bottom of the box Ø 200 mm, 8 — foot.

His idea has been successfully tested in the Yakut farm “Lena”. It is simple and, if necessary, feasible in any economy. For equipment of this “warm” winter watering in the hole the right size lowered a wooden box-the trough depth of a little more than 1.5 meters. It set up the stove, made of iron barrels. The base it is attached to the bottom of the trough, and the furnace and ash pit in the form of pipes of appropriate diameters, is welded to the barrel, is removed over the edge of the trough. Through the hole in the bottom of the trough is filled with water, which is due to the stove quickly, for 15— 20 min., can be heated up to 40°.
For the convenience of the stove near her furnace on the box is the boardwalk.

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