UNIVERSAL RUBBER MOTORStill, the vast majority of models of submarines with rubber motor class EL-500 (500 mm in length) are built on the same scheme. However, the adopted version with the detachable bow and stern parts of the hull has a number of disadvantages. No matter how carefully manufactured parts, the line connectors on the polished surface of “skin” still stand out, which spoils the appearance polyopia. Students involved in a circle of the second year (namely, they calculated the design of class-EL), not under force independently to build the model without the constant help of the leader of the group.

For two years the young athletes of syut Timiryazevsky district of Moscow building a model of another type — with cassette block rubber motor. The main advantage of such boats — easy to debug the plant, the ability to use one cartridge on several models. Case polycopy become monolithic, simplified manufacturing, Assembly and finishing.
The basis magazine is dural tube ø25×1 and a length of 377 mm. a Substantial part of frezeruyutsya or cut in order to an educated window simplified the linkage of the rubber motor hook forward of the lug and the prop shaft. Untouched remain only condowie pipe sections with a length of 25 mm, the cutting depth is 10 mm. the nasal boss is machined from type alloy D16T. Its front end is designed in the form of a shank with thread M8, at the end of a drilled blind hole in it and cut M4 thread under the hook for the rubber motor. The finished part is fixed to the pipe block by means of two M3 screws.
On the rear end of the pipe mounted aluminum foot ring with fixed therein a sleeve bearing. The tail part of the ring is turned so as to form a smooth transition from the hull to the hub of the propeller. Installing the bearing in the propeller shaft with the screw, it is necessary to achieve its easy rotation. After that, the node is installed on the pipe and is fixed the same way as the nasal boss. The screw heads can be filed to the landing surface.
Fig. 1. Submarine model of traditional design.
Fig. 1. Submarine model traditional design.
Fig. 2. Submarine model of cluster block rubber motor
Fig. 2. Submarine model of cluster block rubber motor:
1 — fore end, 2 — screw socket, 3 shell casing, 4 — tube-guide 5 — stern rudders, 6 — screws fixing lugs, 7 — bow boss, 8 — hook hitch harness rubber motor, 9 — tube unit, 10 — propeller shaft with hook, 11 — aft support ring, 12 screws fixing ring 13 — bushing-bearing, 14 — the screw propeller.

The models of the submarines built by the described method, can have a very different external form. On the basis of unit it is easy to create polyopia almost any submarine, and the real and the fantastic.
The optimal casing design is dural tube guide ø 30X1, length 390 mm with glued foam (grades PS-4) shell and the nasal tip. Sequence Assembly: on the tube with resin is mounted a block of foam, after the adhesive has cured, the ends of the shell stripped and the front part epoxy is inserted into the extremity of the fused threaded socket (material D16T, thread M8, length 15 mm). Monolithic workpiece can be machined or manually, it be filled with lead ballast, then start the exterior trim and installation of imitations outdoor equipment of the ship.
It should be noted that a left-hand thread in the bracket of the nose hook and the shank lugs appropriate to do so only when the propeller has right rotation, otherwise the model during spin the engine harness or start up can “clorazepate”. Before the trial starts mikropotoki need to check easily whether a cassette is mounted in the housing and removed from it.
BELOSHENKO, Y., head of laboratory of ship modelling

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