“Ancestor” of this machine, lawn mower GK-1 was built by students in St Michael’s training and production plant in 1978. About it has told the head of young technicians — lecturer of the criminal procedure code V. I. Popov (see “M-K” № 6, 1981). However, the possibility that the mower was still insufficient: the width was only 1 m and the actuator will bind the mechanism to a power source and thereby limiting its autonomy. This was the reason for making a new variant with high performance. The novelty was successful. Among the exhibits of the III all-Russian rally labor unions of students in urban schools, held in Rostov-on-don, she invariably attracted attention and was awarded by our magazine (see “M-K” N° 1, 1985). By the way, after this publication in the code of criminal procedure, Michael began to come from all over the country a letter asking them to send drawings of the mower. To answer each individually the authors, of course, was not. Today we provide the pages of the magazine mentor young designers of this machine.

This mower was preceded by years of testing machines of various schemes. Among them were options driven by the ground wheels from the internal combustion engine using a homemade worm gearbox (gear ratio 1 : 25), with a different arrangement of the knife. But they did not meet our requirements, as it came out bulky, not sufficiently flexible and unreliable. And then came the idea to give up the drive to the wheels and placing the knife on the side. This dramatically reduced the size of the device and allowed to increase the width of the grip. The center of gravity we calculated so that the working body is raised and lowered very easily and this gives the opportunity to mow the grass on uneven terrain. Increased maneuverability of the unit. So that the selected scheme is optimal.
Dimensions and mass of peas is such that it fits easily in the trunk “Lada”. Moreover, the dismantling and installation takes no more than a quarter of an hour.
Mower SK-1500M.
Mower SK-1500 (side view of the left wheel is not shown):
1 — finger Board, 2 — movable knife, 3 is a divisor of grass (rod Ø 4X60), 4 — rod, 5 nut and locknut M16, 6 — air cleaner, 7 — frame, 8 — engine, 9 — tank, 10 — bolt, 11 — wheel, 12 — clutch lever -, 13 — arm trigger, 14 — magneto 15 — plate, 16 — bolt M12, 17 — the case of the rocker mechanism, 18 — shank mounting of the cutter mechanism, 19 — fork knife drive, 20 — ball bearing, 21 check, 22 — carburetor, 23 — muffler, 24 — throttle lever, 25 — shift lever, a 26 — locknut M16, 27 — adjusting cheek, 28 — the back of the knife silage harvester, 29 — the back of the knife harvester grain harvester.
Frame Assembly.
Frame Assembly.
Briefly about the design of the mower. The frame is made of Ø 26 mm and 28; to it is attached a steel plate of the same size 200X380X5 mm. On the last set the base power unit including the engine-150M and the rocker mechanism. Cutting the working body consists of the back of the knife written-off from the silage harvester, which for rigidity on the back side at a 90° angle is welded on the back of a knife harvester grain combine harvester, the finger sections 19, bolted to the bearing Board, and the 19 segments of the movable cutting knife is also taken from the header of a grain combine.
The connection of the working body with the frame — hinged using the console and retainer checks.
The rocker mechanism.
The rocker mechanism:
1 — eccentric 2 — the case of the cuff, 3 — the bearing № 207, 4 is an intermediate rod, 5 — cover, 6 — lower bushing, 7 — limiter tilt of the knife (2 PCs), 8 — main body, 9 — Bush, 10 — axis 11 — biscuit, 12 — Circlip (wire Ø 4), 13 — sleeve 14, an intermediate housing 15 of the hub from the sprocket scooter “Electron”.
Engine-150M (from scooter “Vyatka-Electron”) modified. First of all, has undergone significant changes leading asterisk from it remained only the hub with the splines and the teeth are cut. The eccentric hub is welded, and weld these items, to avoid deformation, it is necessary in the mandrel. In addition, the wide slot of the housing at an angle of 30° made in the recess under the locking screw for mounting the rocker mechanism. Air filter is used from the starting motor PD-10. Taken from him and magneto, used instead of electronic ignition. The left muffler of the scooter, but the shape of the inlet had to be modified to not touch the running wheel.
The wheel of the mowing standard of the scooter, but because the controls on it are saved only handle a clutch. The throttle lever imposed on the carrier, and another lever replaced the cable shifting. Wheels of sufficiently large diameter bike. Due to this, the movement of the mower manually is easy.
Technical characteristics
Overall dimensions, mm:
length — 1550
width — 1500
height — 950
Weight, kg: 65
Width of capture, mm: 1500
Cutting height, mm: 30
Stroke of a knife, mm: 76
The number of strokes of the knife on the transfer of min.
I — 600
II — 1000
III — 1800
Efficiency, hectare/h: 0,25

V. POPOV, Mikhailovka, Volgograd region.

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