PROTECTIVLY ON THE SHIPEveryone who did the ship models with the electric drive, are familiar issues associated with power supplies. Often have to upgrade the batteries, but they are not cheap. Hence the continued interest manifested by the modelers to the idea of replacing the actuator. For example… steam, which no power supply is required.

Me, feel lucky: the library leafing through a binder of journals, downright miraculously stumbled upon the article “Boat candle”, published in No. 8 of “Model construction”, 2000. However, to blindly copy set out there technical solutions did not. Yes, and the specific conditions that existed at my disposal the materials and equipment required a slightly different approach to the implementation of the conceived idea — the installation of the advanced steam engine for model boats of the coast guard.

As described in the journal of the prototype, the proposed engine contains in its structure the discharge steam line. But it is connected with the upper part of the present, not pseudocode. The boiler is necessarily provided with the insulating shell.

Outboard water in the boiler is supplied from below with the ring of a conduit and heated to a boil by the flame of a candle (lamps) installed in a furnace. Generated steam is supplied to the discharge steam pipe that ends under the bottom of the stern, in place of the propeller shaft. The ship moves due to the jet energy of jets of steam escaping from the outlet of the steam pipe and guided to the rotary nozzle controlled steering device.

For the stable operation of such a system must meet the following conditions. The suction end of the duct is located below the exhaust end of the steam pipe by 30-40 mm. the bottom third of the boiler shall not be above the waterline. It is desirable that the diameter of the conduit was twice less than the steam pipe.

Ready for the “steam pot” with tubes you may find that if you open the casing of motor-compressor of an old refrigerator. What will become a conduit, it is necessary to bend the ring and bring the end under the keel. This ring will reliably hang the tank-boiler and fit a tin cap — burner with a candle (oil lamp).

Protectively the engine on the model boat coast guard (smoke pipe is not shown)

Protectively the engine on the model boat coast guard (smoke pipe is not shown):

1 — body model boats; 2 and 12 main boiler compartment; 3 — annular conduit; 4— fuse; 5 — furnace; 6 — steam line; 7 — rotary nozzle; 8—fluoroplastic bushing; 9 — steering gear; 10—thermal insulation shell (tin, lined inside with asbestos, with upper rectangular hole for the chimney and round the bottom for the fuel supply with the subsequent hangout air); 11 — boiler; 13 — line; 14 — additional boiler; a node with children. 3,6 and 11 (Assembly)—from the motor-compressor of a domestic refrigerator

A convenient blank for the shell of the boiler will serve as the tin can if its on the inside cover sheet asbestos. The latter should be bonded with a tin-based wire and impregnated with liquid glass (stationery glue). In the shell you need the foresight to make the top rectangular hole for the chimney and also a few round the bottom for the fuel supply and the subsequent for ensuring the flow of air. Steady burning candles in the firebox is intended to provide nepagausi wick — a strip of thick cotton cloth, stitched with steel wire.

To correct the course of the ship not too lazy to do the steering device with the rotary nozzle, Manager jet.

The design of the model allows for its further improvement. With appropriate skill, for example, to put the second steam boiler, moreover, that the appropriate branch for it in the model already provided. However, turning the device then should be installed on each nozzle.

Well, if you implement a similar home-made, for example, phot mast, mizzen mast and keel attachments, you can get a lot of pleasure from the unusual models of sailing-prorective of the vessel.

V. ZORIN, Krasnodar

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