UNIVERSAL STAPLEThe wing of any aircraft should be smooth. It is clear. But how to achieve this? Each athlete solves the problem on its own. Beginner difficult — AA he has no more experience, eyes ve learned to distinguish the slightest variation from the ideal planes, but random twists and curvatures of the wings should not be.

During the construction expense of building a traditional models of all classes a great help in the process of creating high-quality wings I’m under their control may have designed my stocks. The base of the device is a flat Board or sheet of chipboard the size of 800 x 1200 mm.
The slipway for Assembly and control of wing panels
The slipway for Assembly and control of wing panels:
1 — vertical stand. 2 — inclined area. 3 the sloping glass, 4 — rail, 5 — base, 6 — horizontal glass.
The holes in the rails and drilling and slotting in place. The junction of the bottom glass pave sticky jeito. The main horizontal glass to be fixed on the basis of two “dots” of glue brand glue.

Still need aluminum profile corner shelf with a width of 15-25 mm with a length of about 1400 mm, a few screws or screws with Ø 3 mm and two pieces of glass thickness 4— 6 mm size 250 X 1000 250 x 500 mm. How to cut metal parts and how to assemble the entire device, it is clear from the figure. Having put on a vertical rack layout of the angles of a short glass, just to ensure the exact position of the “ears” on the center section. Using the same glass, except for the precision of the working surface of the bench, will help to save the drawing to the model in full size.

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