In the photo: at the wheel — the author's son VitalyIs it possible? It would seem that it is hard to imagine this sleek high-speed motorcycle as a truck. However, it perfectly copes with the role of the heavies, thanks to the reliable and durable engine with good fins, as well as ample torque throughout the range of rotation of the crankshaft. I must say that this is my “Java-350/634” sidecar “Velorex-562” operated for ten years. Mileage was about 60 000 km With a full load the bike confidently overcame long distances and on motorways and on dirt roads. The roads and highly rugged terrain was not an obstacle for him. Trouble-free service of the motorcycle in these conditions is a sufficient proof that under normal conditions, in addition to three riders, it is capable of transporting significant cargo. But where to place it? The load capacity of the carriages is limited by the magnitude of 105 kg, to install additional trunk it did not make sense. The logical conclusion is to make a cargo trailer.

A motivating impetus for the action was available to the author the eye of the skeleton of the scooter cargo “the Ant”, thrown by someone in a vacant lot. And his well-preserved body has facilitated the design task. In General the layout of the trailer is determined by the parts that were able to purchase: wheel — motorcycle Voskhod, shock absorbers, stop lights and direction indicators — from “Java”.
In fact, the idea of a cargo trailer for a motorcycle is not new and is found fairly full expression in the pages of the journal “modelist-Konstruktor”. However, the proposed model, along with the indisputable advantages, was not free from the point of view of the author, from shortcomings, which I wanted to avoid in their own designs. So, the low position of the body, contributing to the stability of the trailer, has its disadvantages. First, for given body dimensions wheel track of the trailer wider than the bike. And this is undesirable due to the decrease of permeability when driving on loose ground (sand, arable land). Secondly, mud flaps, protruding over the sides, preventing a reliable fastening of bulky goods (plywood, hardboard etc.).
Thus, been defined in the first paragraph of requirements trailer: the track should coincide with the track of the motorcycle. Further, the result of observations and subsequent analysis of the operation of industrial and home-made car and motorcycle trailers were formulated and other requirements: the maximum load capacity at minimum weight; vehicle signal and light devices provided by the Rules of the road; the presence of a soft suspension with shock absorbers, damping; limiting the dimensions of the trailer width dimensions of a motorcycle with a sidecar; the angle of mutual rotation of the trailer and motorcycle in the coupling device; low noise when driving; the safety of the cargo from wind, dust, rain, etc.; finally, aesthetic appearance, appropriate design of the motorcycle.
Design of a cargo trailer
The design of the cargo trailer:
1 — the body (of the scooter “Ant”); 2 — bracket lighting fixtures (steel, sheet s2); 3— (pipe 28×25); 4 — frame (42×42 area); 5,22 — rod longitudinal, top (tube 28×25); 6,23 — longitudinal rods, the lower (tube 28×25); 7 — carrier (area 42×42, L766); 8 — bracket transverse torque rod (steel, sheet s2); 9,17 — mud flaps (from a motorcycle “Voskhod”); 10 — the pointer of the turn (from a motorcycle “Java”); 11 — brake light (from a motorcycle “Java”); 12— brace (pipe 28×25); 13 — rod cross, reactive (pipe 28×25); 14—axle Assembly; 15 — the bottom of the body; 16,20 — absorbers (from a motorcycle “Java”); 18 — wheel (motorcycle Voskhod); 19 — болтыМ12;21 —castellated nut M12; 24 — cheek bracket bottom longitudinal rod (steel, sheet s2); 25 — rubber; 26 — bushing remote; 27 — spacer.

1 — rope tow (tube 34×5); 2 — М6х10 screws (4 PCs); 3,14 — clamps (steel, sheet s1,6); 4— locking wire; 5 — housing rear clip (steel); 6 — М6х20 screws (4 PCs); 7 — pin; 8,10 — tips with ear (steel); 9 — stud earring (stainless steel); 11 —castellated nut M16; 12 — болгМ12х45; 13 — castellated nut M12; 15 — body front clip (steel).

Requirements for payload and equipment of signaling and lighting devices are self-explanatory. Soft suspension is preferable to hard due to the fact that better preserved the cargo, particularly fragile, and less tired the driver when driving with a trailer.
The limitation of the size in width due to the need to ensure safety when driving in dense urban traffic, when driving — the driver, accustomed to the dimensions of a motorcycle with a sidecar.
Minimizing the mass of the trailer caused the classical form of the supporting frame with the lowered pole. The high location of the body (at the cost of some reduction in stability) has given its plus — freight removed from road dust and dirt and drops of oil from the exhaust pipes. It is worth noting that over the five years of operation of the trailer of the cases, rollover was not. Any movement with the side slope or during cornering.
On the towbar should say more. The rules provide for the connection of tractor / trailer combination with a spherical hinge that meets international standards. But the trouble is that not all the roads that we have to go meet these standards. Not so rare cars, the trunk of which is “decorated” with dents on their own disconnected trailers. One of the reasons is exceeding the permissible angle of mutual rotation, and, as a consequence, the occurrence of large spacer efforts, revealing a spherical hinge. Smaller compared to a car, the motorcycle increases the likelihood of such an event. Therefore, the author has combined his trailer with motorcycle device having three mutually perpendicular axes of rotation. This design allows the trailer to lean to the right-left and up-down at an angle close to 90°, and rotated about its longitudinal axis virtually at any angle.
The coupling device is placed under the bottom of the stroller and attached to its frame by bolts. Low the location of the device did not worsen the permeability of motoped. But bringing it to the middle of the track was preceded by doubts: whether it will lead to difficulties in the management? will the bike to turn around a trailer?
Practice these doubts dispelled. The turning radius of the motorcycle is not increased. The increasing total mass of the dynamics of Motopista, of course, worsened, but within tolerance. Three wheel motorcycle with the brakes provide enough braking.
The effect of the reversal is felt only when the trailer is fully loaded, and on a motorcycle is one driver. However, this situation contradicts the requirements of traffic Rules and regulations, which stipulate the maximum ratio of the total mass of the trailer and the curb weight of the tractor (in this case a motorcycle). To solve this problem is to move part of the cargo from the trailer into a stroller. If the goods are indivisible, it is enough to take a wheelchair passenger.
Strength calculations determined the weight of the trailer — 90 kg and the permissible useful load is 150 kg. of the Test, the mileage is about 10 000 km confirmed the fidelity of design solutions. Even with the maximum, but properly load motoped fits well into urban traffic flow, steadily moving down the highway at speeds up to 90 km/h, surely “feels” on a dirt road, satisfactorily overcomes the roads.
Now about the noise. Lower level contribute to the following decisions: the hinges of the coupling device used as the axes of the bolts with a nut under the pin, allowing you to choose the gaps as they arise; in a hinged lever suspension with the rubber silent blocks; regular locks rear body side replaced by others — “gramophone” type (as in “KAMAZ”), which are tightly pressed against the rear wall to the side walls.
To protect cargo from the elements a tent with a removable roll cage.
Painted the trailer the same color as the bike: the body red, frame and suspension — black, mud flaps and wheel covers gray.
And finally, the answer to the question, where a quarter-ton of cargo? Please: the trailer is 150 lbs, in a wheelchair is 100 kg and 20 kg on the trunk of the motorcycle. A total of 270 kg!
g O R s K, Orenburgskaya obl.

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