In winter, the farmers and other owners of automotive vehicles, a lot of trouble to deliver diesel fuel. At low temperatures it becomes thick, it contained paraffin kristallizuetsya. And this can result in rapid clogging of the filters and stopping the flow of fuel from the tank. As a result, the diesels and operation of machines sometimes become a nagging problem to be solved by trying a widely publicized use of expensive additives, sometimes find themselves, unfortunately, ineffective.

Some of the gullible and hasty calls to the “recipes seasoned”, but… the Use of “saving” gasoline and kerosene as additives reduces the life of the engine, and the outer flare heating of the fuel system is prohibited by safety regulations.

More circumspect are solved for heating the fuel (before the temperature at which crystals of paraffin disappear) with the help of special technical systems, the main source of heat which is usually electric heaters of constant power. However, the model heaters in standby mode is noticeably “put” batteries and have an unreliable, expensive devices of control and protection in need of special services.
Pocne mountain heater in the fuel filter
Fig. 1. Pocne mountain heater in the fuel filter:
1 — heater; 2 — gasket; 3 — screw; 4— a filter cover; 5,6 — gasket; 7 — the filter case; 8 — wire
Layout kit posistor heaters KAMAZ

Fig. 2. Layout set posistor heaters in KAMAZ:
1 — fuel tank; 2 — diesel; 3 — the heater in the tank; 4 — filter; 5 — filter; 6 — heaters in fine filters; 7 — button and the indicator on the dashboard

Pository heater in the fuel tank
Fig. 3. Pository heater in the fuel tank:
1 — heater; 2 — wire; 3 — the wall of the tank; 4 — insulator; 5 — flange; 6 — suction pipe; 7 — nut

Installation options PPT in the fuel tank
Fig. 4. Installation options PPT in the fuel tank:
a — next to the filter; b — boy filter; — suction pipe; d — the pipe Union nut;1 — heater; 2 — wire; 3 — insulator

These shortcomings are absent in the compact (placed directly in the tanks and filters of engines of automobiles and tractors) posistor heaters diesel fuel PPT created based on semiconductor thermistors with a positive temperature coefficient of resistance (PTC resistors, refer to “modelist-Konstruktor” No. 11 for 1999).
Similar heaters previously used only in spectechno-ke (especially space). Not having moving parts and complex control systems, these devices have the unique property of self-regulation and provide heating fuel to the required temperature within a few minutes. Resource continuous operation — more than 10, OOO hours.
About high efficiency PPT evidenced by the fact that they consume power (when installed in the fine filter and coarse filter, and the fuel tank of the car “the Bull”) does not exceed 300 W at a voltage of 12 V. It is acceptable for the operation of the machine when a normally charged battery. Moreover, the time required to warm the fuel using PPT, not to exceed five minutes.
Install domestic PDT may, without special training, any mechanic electrician maintenance automotive equipment. Especially in the fuel purification filter (Fig. 1), which greatly facilitates the design of the heater, a metallic casing which successfully integrated semiconductor heating elements connected to electric system car through the starting relay. Establishing PPD between the filter cover and housing using a gasket with the subsequent contraction of the elongated screw (included in scope of delivery) supplied with a special seal.
As simple turns out to be a typical installation PPT in the fuel tank of the machine or tractor (Fig. 2) where the heater is an aluminum cylinder (mesh), which is from one to six items, depending on tank capacity and fuel consumption.
In such cars as KAMAZ, posistor heaters it is recommended to place a few (Fig. 3). And the algorithm they use then comes down to an easily remembered sequence of simple steps.
Before starting the diesel engine, turn on the heaters fuel tank, and continuous operation.
Overheating is virtually eliminated due to the unique property of the posistor heater — ability to self-regulate. Its semiconductor components are gradually “locked”, thus reducing current consumption to zero. PDT the fine filter is also included for 2-3 min or for permanent use.
The diesel is allowed to idle at high frequency of rotation of the crankshaft. After the engine has come to normal mode, the heaters themselves gradually stopped heating fuel, or you can disable them.
Well, if suddenly a situation arises when the engine power starts to fall because of the paraffin fuel, it should be immediately re-enable the heaters from the cab of the machine to restore normal operation of the diesel engine.
Install on automotive engineering posistor heaters diesel fuel! The costs will pay off.

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