SPEED FILTERFor homebrew, working on motorcycles, always up to date selection of the optimal variant of the air filter. The most common available contact-oil (lubricated with a thick oil mesh or nylon “thread waste”) and paper (automotive type) filters. Last predpochtitelno: they provide a high filtration rate (up to 0.98) and low resistance to air flow, but their dimensions are very significant.

A few years ago when you next upgrade your motorcycle “IZH-JUPITER 4” I installed two carb and long suffered in search of a suitable filter: a “native” without substantive alteration does not fit.

I saw in the store stepped rubber coupling (to connect the drain of the toilet), estimated by eye the size: like fit to paper filter from engine moped /-50. And so it proved. Smaller neck of the rubber coupling with interference sets in the inlet of the carb, for a secure connection you can pull the screw clamp. Inner diameter larger neck makes it easy to install moped filter (diameter — 74 mm). To increase the density of the region of the coupling emptied out the car and squeezed the clamp (photo not shown). The hole in the outer end of the filter is choked with a rubber washer using the M6 screws. Screw — out .

Odjezdu half of the season with two such filters, I switched to a single paper from the “Dnepr” with the tee on two of the carb. Big difference in engine work and did not notice. The sample was put on “IZH-the PLANET 5” instead of the contact-oil. The motor was obviously breathing better, have improved the dynamics of dispersal. Only had to readjust the carb for a richer mixture. One of the filters was set to “Tula” (home-made like a motocross bike). The result is positive. That’s just “over” filter fast — water got, and the paper does not love her.


Blitz pilgr for motorcycle (and — filter Assembly with a carburetor, and b – components blitz filter):

1 — carburetor; 2 — car screw clamp; 3 – speed rubber plumbing coupler; 4 – moeny paper filter; 5 — a casing from a motorbike filter; rubber washer 6-plug; 7 mount the end caps and the casing (bolt M6)

Then came the thought of the outer casing. The photo shows one of the first options is “native” oval plastic cover from the filter moped /-50. For mounting the casing used the speaker output screw M6. When installing it turned out that stopping the node turnbuckle clamp, although the gap between the casing and filter were. So instead of a clamp wrapped rubber coupling “knitting” wire and pulled off with pliers.

The operation of the filter in this form revealed a nuisance. The fact that the cover from the /is -50 in the side walls, small window openings. So the contamination of the filter in front of the cracks is much more intense the rest of its surface. The yield was found is very simple: motorbike cover was replaced with a half of a 1.5 liter plastic bottle, doing the bottom bolt hole M6. Now, first, you can install the clamp for fixing the filter in the coupling, and secondly, the air to the filter will pass through the increased gap between it and the casing.

The diameter of the inlet of the Russian motorcycle carburetors unified, so my air filter can be adapted to most of them. I installed it on K-62Д, 65У, 65И, Lko-2928, 36B. There was no complaints.

I hope that the simplicity and reliability of the proposed design and the low cost of money and time in the manufacture and Assembly will help number legal enthusiasts when creating improvised structures.

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