Fixture drainChanging the oil in a car engine is one of the dirtiest operations. Judge for yourself — when warmed to 80-90 degrees engine merges dirty testing, her hot stream enters anywhere, but not substituted for her capacity. Meanwhile it is enough to make a simple device, and testing of all drops to be intended for her in the canister.

In the simplest case, such a device will need a rubber hose, a standard hex key in the tube of the crankcase and a plastic 4-liter canister. One end of the hose is secured to the neck of the canister, the top of which you need to cut a few drainage holes. In another
the end of the hose using the punch, the hole diameter must be such that a key introduced into it with some force.

To drain the oil with the help of this device, remove the first tube of the crankcase on one or two turns, and then cover it with a slice of hose (the key will fall into the hole of the tube). Clutching with one hand the end of the hose to the crankcase, the other hand continue to rotate the tube, while the oil will flow through the hose into the canister.

Somewhat more complicated, but more convenient device, which in the upper part of the hose is fixed to the tip of the plunger. Only need to do the tip through-hole under the hose fitting and the hex key.


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