FORGET ABOUT THE BATTERYBrand motorcycles “IZH” and “Java” can be fairly easily translated into bezakkumulyatornyh the ignition. I did it seven years ago, and so far — no complaints. What do you need? If the motorcycle has electric on 6 V, the generator set 7 In — from “Minsk” or the old “Sunrise” (with contact or electronic ignition), and if 12 In, 14 In — from the new “Sunrise”. Moreover, the rotors of the machines can be both with removable and fixed Cams (in the first case, a simpler installation procedure). For 2-cylinder engines (with electronic ignition), you will also need another coil of the sensor and another electronic switch. Finally, turned from steel on a lathe and cutting manually adapter flanges with a configuration that depends on the brand of the motorcycle.

The sequence of conversion following. First, dismantle the old generator with relay-regulator and the capacitors, remove the key from the crankshaft.
Then prepare the installation of a new generator. For this purpose it is slightly upgraded: a removable Cam of the rotor and remove the key (if left, the rotor will ustanavlivatsya as with fixed Cam), and the stator cut one of the mounting ears, as it will interfere with a protective cover case. Thus, for example, “Java” with the electrical equipment of 6 In the stator to the flange is fastened by two M5 bolts.
The generator stator is a 2-cylinder engine is subjected to more substantial upgrade: in order to place the second coil of the sensor, opposite the first cut out of the special socket (this is best done during the adjustment).
Before assembling, for subsequent convenience of fixing the stator, roughly determine top dead centre (TDC) single-cylinder or the right of the piston 2-cylinder engine and fastened to the Carter transition flange.
At the end of the crankshaft, if the protective cover of the crankcase is sealed, wear and centruum, turning the crankshaft, the rotor of the new generator (spark plug when it is removed—to facilitate). Delay until the end of the first baited only the regular axial bolt. So at this point, the crankshaft cannot rotate, include gearbox and jammed the rear wheel (stick in the spokes of, say, a hammer handle).
Transition flange for motorcycles
Adapter flange for motorcycles “IZH-P-Sport”, “Il-W-4, – 5”, “IZH-th-4, – 5”.
Transition flange for a motorcycle
Adapter flange for motorcycle “Java” on the electrical system to 12 V.

Revision of generator stator
Refinement of generator stator.
Wiring scheme of the connection of the new generator 2-cylinder motorcycle
Wiring scheme of the connection of the new generator 2-cylinder motorcycle:
1 — stator, 2 — ignition lock, 3 — blocks of the electronic switch, 4 — ignition coil 5 — spark plugs.


Securing the rotor, determine the moment of sparking, i.e. the position when the piston in the engine “Java-350” does not reach TDC on the 2.8…3.3 mm, “Java-250” is 3.3…3.7 mm, single-cylinder Property — 3,0…3,5 mm, 2-cylinder — 2.5, and 3.1 mm (in this position the groove on the rotor should align with the protrusion on the frame of the sensor coil, and the gap between them to be within 0.3±0.05 mm). Then fix the stator completely.
In a similar way and put the piston of the left cylinder 2-zipenkova motorcycles. Put a second coil of the transducer to the stator so that the protrusion of the casing located opposite the groove on the rotor. Plan a socket, cut it and attach the screws to the coil, having a gap of 0.3±0.05 mm.
For a complete set in a converted motorcycle using a sound signal and relay turn from “Minsk” or “Sunrise”, operating on alternating current.
Connect a new generator according to the above scheme. At the same time use the old wiring. Switches set in the box that housed the battery.
And the last one. The scheme requires no maintenance during operation and is configured once at installation.

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