Greenhouse dugout

Greenhouse dugoutThe general idea of a greenhouse on a summer residence or a plot each. At its creation usually requires a lot of expensive and scarce material: bearing metal or wooden racks, film coating or a frame with glass frame and even heating. Because of this, such a structure can afford not everyone, but work in it is a pleasure – and a lot of light, and move in all growth. Greenhouse, of course, much easier and cheaper. It is, in fact, only one of the greenhouse roof the yes box at the bottom. Therefore, it is more likely to construct. Although usually these structures first in their inferior serviceability.

That would be to combine efficiency and comfort greenhouse in a greenhouse! It seems that we have been able to achieve this on the site (surface water is allowed) – we are reminded of the dugout. After all, there is also need to practice only overlap – but stand and move it already can not ducking.
Along the central path of the future greenhouse dug a trench depth of about at times such holes normally do car owners in the garage. The top coat, ie greenhouse roof made with support directly on the ground. Its width is such that you can free your hands to handle the entire area. For the convenience of the beds on the one hand deepen one bayonet spade, then made a small bias (below – left) is possible and an option in the form of terraces (below – right). This increases podplenochnoe space and further deepen the trench-track. The width of the same track so that through it just might pass along the greenhouse.

Advanced greenhouse
Advanced greenhouse:
1 – glass or film roof (on the frame), the 2 – door 3 – staircase 4 – terraced side of cultivated ground, 5 – trench-pass, 6 – side sloping cultivated soil.

That’s all. The advantages of this design are visible, as they say, to the naked eye. Yet to mention a few. It is much lighter and easier to maintain the thermal regime of the greenhouse is heated with biomass, electricity and any other way.
Affordable and fast manufacturing. Great resistance to strong winds. Even without the effects of the hurricane will sweep over it in the form of a fragile structure. The ability to maintain a greenhouse stood, not bent in half, as you have to make the beds or in conventional greenhouses.

P. Chernobay

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