CHAIR FOR CHILDRENThere are restless people, they are literally turning on the seats, even when doing serious work. Why not meet them and not make the chair so that he could turn?
The chair consists of seat, backrest and armrests. All this is connected with the hinge tube with a support crossbar. Material — wood: pine and spruce boards and timbers.
Seat to prevent the appearance of cracks, made of two layers of boards with a thickness of 20 mm: top layer is a one piece of one Board, bottom is a component of the supporting Board, front, rear and side bars. All the parts are connected with glue.
The back is also glued peripapillary boards 20 mm thick and attached to the seat with screws, caps are recessed and covered with decorative wooden plugs.
The rigidity lend support armrests carved from planks 38 mm thick at the Plaza (see picture) and nailed to the seat and back finishing nails. The armrests themselves are also fixed on supports with nails.
Chair restless.
Chair fidget:
1 — block d-pad, 2 — jointed pipe, 3 — side bar 4 — front placket, 5 — seat, 6 support arms, 7 arms, 8 — back, 9 — wood tube, 10 — screw 11 — strong Board, 12 — rear strap.
The crosspiece is assembled from two equal-sized parts. The only difference is in the cut location is the dock. Method of connection — on glue and with screws.
The pipe is a mobile node: inch hollow strut (O 25.4 mm), cranking in the nests of the upper and lower flanges and held them split spring rings. It is also possible to use ready factory made stand — from charged rotating chairs.
Flanges articulated pipe fastened to the base Board of the seat and the crosspiece screws.
Finish chair — painting enamels, coating or wrapping with leather or upholstery fabric — depends on the taste and home of the wizard.
According to the magazine “Mechanic illustrated”, USA

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