Fluorescent energy-saving lamps in recent years become increasingly popular, despite its relatively high cost. Indeed, all the good these lights are, but the one absurdity of spoiling their reputation. Adapted standard electroputere E27 bulb (photo 1) are too large (diameter) of the Central contact area and when screwing them into the cartridge cases when the site closes both contact.

The result is an electric arc and burning pads in the socket energy-saving bulb, and then the cartridge. Moreover, if the house is equipped with phase and neutral wire switch-machines And 25 (and higher current), they do not have time to work lamp becomes unsuitable for further use. You can try to take the burnt bulb back to the store or exchanged for serviceable — because, in fact, guilty of rather lamp manufacturer than the manufacturer of the cartridge, especially when you consider that the latter previously worked with conventional electric bulbs. If you receive a rejection and a new lamp to buy, costly, and risky (and suddenly again burn!), it is possible to restore the damaged energy-saving lamps.
This is done so.
Burnt-out lamp socket gently remove, and then the eyes master appears in the electronic Board voltage Converter, connect two conductors to the contacts of the socket, and the four outgoing contacts in a glass tube (having a straight or spiral shape) fluorescent lamp.
Typically, the electric arc caused by short circuit in the cartridge (the basement), a wide area energy saving lamps does not damage the electronics of the Converter, so the lamp is easy to restore, pripal new connecting wires to the pads on the Board and connecting it to the network 220 In, for example, by means of a cord with a standard plug.
If the electronic circuit Board of voltage Converter is also damaged. it is removed together with the faulty elements and make the new voltage Converter. Simple electric circuit of such a Converter is shown in figure 1.
Fig. 1. The electrical circuit of the voltage Converter for fluorescent lamps up to 8 watts
Fig. 1. The electrical circuit of the voltage Converter for fluorescent lamps up to 8 watts
Photo 1. Energy saving lamp, EL-3U
Photo 1. Energy saving lamp, EL-3U
Four output fluorescent lamps (two on each side of the tube) is connected, as shown in the diagram. After a simple refinement of the lamp will serve more long.
Completion (recovery) energy saving lamp (like shown in photo 1) using the scheme (figure 1) can be carried out only in the case if power consumption is energy-saving lamps do not exceed 8 watts (this is the entry at the base of each fluorescent lamp), which corresponds approximately to the intensity of light from the bulb power of 60 watts.
In the same way you can “revive” and 4-pin miniature fluorescent lamps installed in fixtures and lamps (photo 2, Fig.2).
Once in the process of working on burnt-out lamp by the experiment revealed another interesting detail. When you touch fingers to the glass of a fluorescent lamp, connected to the network 220. In one wire (switch circuit is open (no current flows), the lamp lights up. This is due to the fact that one of the contacts of the lamp still comes “phase” of the network, and the human hand (through the glass of the bulb) is a source induced in the human body a small AC voltage.
Photo 2. Lamps of the lamps and their power Board Photo 2. Lamps of the lamps and their power Board
Photo 2. Lamps of the lamps and their power Board
If you go ahead and act at a distance 5 — 10 cm from the lamp bulb, switching to transmit portable radio (frequency transmission signal does not matter, transmit power 5 W), the lamp will light up as bright as if it were included in the network of 220 V.
Thus, an unemployed energy saving lamp (provided that it is connected to the lighting network 220 V) can “revive” and to light a most unusual way. This allows you to apply this technique even for tricks, demonstrate to the uninitiated, meanwhile, is based on the ordinary physical phenomena.
A. KASHKAROV, St. Petersburg

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