GAS SOLDERING IRONIn the practice of the rally often faced with the necessity of soldering or welding. A few years ago I accidentally saw used for this purpose, benzopyrene production of the GDR, then had the idea to do the same, but running on gas. The result exceeded all expectations — and now gas-heated soldering iron is a decent place to set my tools. Exploitation it during body repairs, radiators, bits of copper cables with large cross sections confirmed the efficiency of the design. The main advantages before traditional “hammer” and a blowtorch are: the possibility of continuous soldering, the temperature setpoint, which is important when performing large volume of work, as well as the possibility of regulating the degree of heating.


For the manufacture of soldering iron needed a crane cork type PPB-1 used in the oil line of the GAZ-53. His revision was in recess in front of up to 12 mm and threading M12x1,5 mm. brass made nozzle with a hole diameter of 0.8 mm and is pressed into the valve body. It should be noted that the holes in various cranes differ by 0.1 mm in one direction or another. Therefore, the adjustment of the Seating surfaces of the nozzle was carried out individually.
The material for the nozzle was to cut stainless steel pipe with an inner diameter of 23 mm and a wall thickness of 1.5 mm. Machining to the desired dimensions is made on a lathe. The rear part of the nozzle zavalova also on a lathe with the pressed bricks.
For the pipeline-arm used aluminum rod with a diameter of 20 mm and a length of 160 mm. it is drilled through hole diameter of 4 mm. in the absence of a special tool, this operation is performed in two steps with different angles. Further, one end of the rod protochen under the existing diameter of the hose. Textolite handle fixed with glue EAF. The threaded connection of the rod with the crane compacted the tape FUM (sealant).
Soldering tip made of copper bar of cross section 20×20 mm. as applied to the stock rod with a diameter of 9 mm from the intake valve of the engine MTZ. Connection with a sting — threaded M8 with subsequent caulking. (It makes sense to make several different forms the soldering tip depending on destination.)
Gas burner
Gas burner:
1,2—holders soldering iron; 3 — retainer rod of the soldering iron; 4—the body of the nozzle; 5 — nozzle; 6 —tap PPB-1; 7— handle; 8 — gas pipeline.
Soldering iron

Soldering iron:
1 – tip; 2 – rod.
As working pressure standard (domestic) gas reducer for normal burner operation is not enough, use an adjustable gearbox. Avoid getting liquid gas in the channels of the burner cylinder is in a vertical position only.
It should be noted that this device is not more dangerous than the usual blowtorch, and when it should follow the General rules of fire safety, including to monitor the tightness of the pipeline.
Ignition of the burner is performed at a barely half-open tap. The faucet is regulated by the force of the flame and consequently the degree of heating of the soldering tip. To ensure complete combustion of the gas mixture, the distance from the nozzle to the heated surface a soldering iron of at least 15 mm.
p. Novoselki, Vitebskaya oblast

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