How to choose the right battery for car

How to choose the right battery for your car If you are tired continue to Tinker with the old battery that constantly has to be recharged at home. You might need to know all about what is on the market today the batteries before you buy a new battery.


Before to buy the battery, you should know this. Types of batteries only three. First – removable battery. The second is low-maintenance. The third type, maintenance-free battery, they cannot be repaired. To date, the vast majority of batteries belong to the second group. Accepted batteries is history. They were used on Soviet machines. Already practically do not meet. In addition, you should take into account the popularity of the brand, also be sure to take into account the technical characteristics. They are always more important than prestige and brand.


On the side or top of the battery tubes should be a system for gas exhaust. So you can be sure that the battery is safe and when use will not explode. If you buy a battery in advance, prefer dry. You just have to bring it in working condition to fill him up with electrolyte. Flooded battery is immediately ready to work, and this, of course, is its advantage. You choose. If you buy a battery that needs refilling, learn to do it correctly. Also, you can help a HUNDRED.


Pay attention to characteristics such as nominal voltage, starting current and capacity. Especially important is the last parameter – it determines how many times you can run the motor. Expensive batteries such as capacity, will always be higher. You can use it longer. To choose the right battery, simply read the manual that came with your car. And try to choose a battery that is close in characteristics to that stated in the manual.


You can save and buy a battery, smaller in capacity, but in this case, you will be able to run it through the machine less times. Do not get involved and more high starting current, because the starter of your car for you it will not say thank you. To buy original battery charger, be sure to look to the country where it was released, production date, and manufacturer name. Beware of imitations, buy the batteries at the point of sale with a certificate. Do not hesitate to ask the seller a certificate of quality. It is common practice in all Western countries. There are, however, sell only wholesale batteries. Save the warranty card.

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