IN HARNESS - INTROTSIKLIn October 1996 in the Udmurt Republic celebrated the 65th anniversary of the system of children’s technical creativity. In 1931 in Izhevsk was opened the first children’s technical station, later received the status of Republican. Over the years many students RSUT became heroes of the Soviet Union, doctor of technical Sciences, honored workers of science and culture, managers of industrial enterprises, masters of sports. Best work 236 young technicians Udmurt Republic were awarded medals VDNH USSR, many leaders awarded gold and silver medals, received the title of laureates of the NTTM, 42 pupil participated in the international exhibitions in Japan, France, Germany, Belgium and other countries.

Today there are 82 of a circle: primary technical modeling, air, rocket, ship, automodelisme, radio, design, karting, hang-gliding, where more than a thousand children and adolescents. On the basis of RCUT regularly hosts national competitions in technical sports.
He currently leads a team of Republican station of her former pupil, high achiever of public education of Russia Viktor Vasilievich Pryakhin. Under his leadership, RCUT is doing a great job in preparing and training teachers of labor training and teachers of additional education. It is interesting to note that most of them are former young technology.
Since 1958, with the assistance of RSWT in the Republic began to open clubs for young technicians at industrial plants, well-equipped and able to attract to work with children the most creative forces from among the engineers and workers. And today, in our difficult time, great concern about the younger generation show in clubs of young technicians, created on the basis of the famous Izhmash: “Motorist”, “Electron”, “planet”, “dawn” — is now passed under the auspices of RUT.
Among the best groups you can call the Children’s Home culture and syut, the city of Glazov, respectively headed by honored worker of culture N. And. Pashkova V. M. a New. These institutions have good facilities, well equipped laboratories and workshops. Very popular is the Museum of Children’s Home culture, which preserves and exhibits the most interesting works during the existence of the House.
For over half a century are excellent teaching teams in Mozhginskiy, Sarapul, Kezskiy stations. Thanks to the attention of the local authorities of the new government and the efforts of the Directors, S. G., Khrustaleva (syut city of Votkinsk) and A. C. Rodionova (syut village Game), these institutions received new premises and equipment.
Caring attitude to children’s technical creativity in the Udmurt Republic is a good example for the leaders of many regions of Russia. So here solves many of the problems, and main of them — the problem of employment of children and adolescents, and as a consequence the reduction of juvenile crime.
1 — wheel truck (from the map, for winter — low pressure tires), 2 — passenger seat, 3 — swivel carriage, 4 panel passenger (St3, sheet s0,6), 5 — outer rim 6 free videos, 7 — inner rim, 8 — driver seat, 9 — frame mount gas tank, 10 — steering drum (brake drum from the moped “Verhovina”), 11 — beam steering, 12 — brakes 13 — lower guide roller, 14 — chain box, 15 — pulley, 16 — wire steering system (steel, Ø 6), 17 — adrenopause disk (AL2), 18 — brace (steel 45, strip 26×5), 19 — clip (AMg5, shape), 20 — truck, 21 — upper kosina (AMg5, shape), 22 — lower kosina (AMg5, shape), 23 shield driver (St3, sheet s0,6), 24 — kickstand-shield (D16T, sheet s4)A 25 — axle truck, a 26 — ring (AMg5, shape), 27 — pin (steel 40X), 28 — support ring, 29 —circlips (steel 45, strip 24×5), 30 — rivet, 31 — upper guide roller 32 jumper (AMg5, shape), 33 — bracket (45 steel, strip 26×5).
1 — shaft casual watches FAS on roller (M12), 2 — the upper section of the inner rim (D16T, pipe 85x30x2,5), 3 — eccentric bearing (polyamide block), 4 — loose rollers (St3), 5 — bearing 204, 6 restrictive bushing (steel 45), 7 — threaded bushing (steel 45), 8 — the front section of the inner rim (D16T, pipe 85x30x2,5), 9 in the bearing 201, 10 — gear (sprocket z=29, t=12,7), 11 — Bicycle chain, 12 — right support of the lead roller (АЛ9), 13 — lower section of the inner rim (D16T, pipe 85x30x2,5), 14 mounting bracket left support (D16T, area 20×20), 15 — screws MB, 16 — the left bearing of the lead roller (D16T, pipe 85x30x2,5), 17 — a bearing 200, 18 — spline shaft (drive shaft gear box motor, sh-57, from the moped “Verhovina”), 19 the bearing housing (D16), 20 — bolt M8 (4 holes) 21 — pinion (sprocket, z=33, t=12,7), 22 is the drive roller (St3).

Scheme management system

The scheme of the control system:
1— steering drum, 2 — wheel, 3 — top roller guide (2 PCs), 4 — swivel carriage, 5 — kickstand-shield, 6 — wire, 7 — bolts of fastening of a cable, 8 — tendor, 9 — adrenopause drive, 10 — bottom roller guide (2 PCs),11 — beam steering.
Motor mount (on the top view parts 2 and 6 conventionally not shown elsewhere)

Motor mount (top view parts 2 and 6 conventionally not shown elsewhere):
1 — brackets (D16T, area 25×25, 6 PCs.), 2 — timing chain tensioner (St3, 2), 3 — stands-simulators bike frames (steel 20, pipe 27×2,5), 4 — platform (steel 20), 5 —the inner rim, 6 bolts M8, 7 — screw M5.
Installing the steering wheel and the steering drum

Install the steering wheel and the steering drum:
1 — bracket (D16T, SHEET, s5), 2 — bearings 201, 3 pads (moped “Verhovina”), 4 — the bearing housing (ДІ6Т) 5 — nut M12 (4 holes) 6 — Bush (PTFE, 2 pieces) 7 — brace (ДІ6Т, pipe 85x30x2,5), 8 — spacer (ДІ6Т), 9 — the front section of the inner rim, 10 — BL M12, 11 drum, 12— wheel (from the moped “Verhovina”).
Steering a beam

Beam steering:
1 — beam (ДІ6Т, shape), 2, 8 mounting brackets steel I-beams to the inner rim (ДІ6Т, area 10×10), 3 — MB bolt (4 PCs), 4 — the bearing 202, 5 — screw M12 (2 piece), 6 — ring screw retainer, 7 — roller, 9 — sleeve (ДІ6, pipe 20×3, L35).
Swivel carriage (outer rim and visor of the passenger conventionally not shown)

Rotary slide (outer rim and visor of the passenger is not shown):
1, 5 —thrust (AMg5, shape), 2 front truck (St3, pipe 50×40, L300, 2), 3 — braces (45 steel, strip 26×5), 4 — jib, truck, 6 — brackets (steel 45, area 40×40), 7 — clamps, 8 — inner rim, 9 – brace, 10 adrenopause disc 11 — connecting rod (steel 45. strip 40×4. L100), 12 — bearing housing (ДІ6Т), 13 — bearing cap (D16T. sheet s4), 14 — screw M8 15 nut M12 16 — bushing (steel 45), 17 — bearings 205, 18 shaft (steel 45), 19 — the case of the carriage (steel 45).
Bridge truck

Bridge truck:
1 — beam (ДІ6Т, pipe 80x30x2,5), 2 – driveshaft (steel 40X), 3 — bolt М12х 1 (4 PCs.).

The Republic became the center of Amateur technical creativity of youth. In confirmation of the latest edition of planning a number of publications on materials of the Udmurt masters. The article “harness — introtsikl” — the first of them.
Introtsikl — unusual vehicle and very appealing to Teens. Our machine is designed and manufactured by students of the 5th and 6th classes in the circle “Design of compact machines of the” club of young technicians “planet”. The original version of a classic blisks was too unstable and unsafe to operate, it is possible was unless in a circus act. So I had to stay on the tricycle scheme with “broken” frame. Of course, to call such a device a introtsikl in a literal sense is impossible, as the inner rim it is connected to the trolley and is used as an external mover.
The first tests of our offspring confirmed the accuracy of the approach to its design (however, errors and rework was still a lot). Today the car, with a mass of 80 kg and engine power of 1.3 HP at speeds up to 35 km/h, has a good load capacity (100 kg), stability and maneuverability.
The basis of design — the wheelbarrow and the truck, pivotally connected by a swivel carriage. The first has internal and external ribs mutually held relative to each other one leading and three free rollers. On the inner rim of the engine with the gas tank, parts of the steering system and the driver’s seat.
The most difficult to manufacture the wheel was the outer rim. This is because the basis was taken from the decommissioned aircraft turbojet engine titanium ring. It is implemented by others, bent from two identical aluminum profiles, fastened with steel strip. To connect profile and titanium rings to the steel strip in the area of the ends temporarily welded tendor that after heavy compression rings and welding of the joint strip has been cut. As “tires” wheels used rubber conveyor belt, which throughout its length is attached to the rim evenly spaced bolts. To the left (while moving) the profile of the rim is inserted a steel fingers with a diameter of 5 mm, designed for coupling with a driving gear of a leading roller.
MAG wheel consists of three sections of the inner rim and the rollers. Sections are connected by bolts, two of which simultaneously serve as rollers loose rollers. Latest rotate on bearings mounted on shafts via eccentric, the ends of which are cut the grooves for the splines retaliatory restrictive bushings. This design allows you to adjust the position of the rollers relative to the outer rim, it is only necessary to turn the eccentric bushings restrictive. Section rim made of standard duralumin tubes of rectangular section and door profiles.
The connection of the drive wheel with a rotatable carriage made in the form of a kind of “spider”, where the “feet” of the brackets and thrust, and “body” — the body of the carriage. This system securely holds the wheel while driving straight ahead and when cornering, when there are additional transverse forces. To the “spider” attached and the visor of the passenger.
Truck like sporty horse-drawn carriage used on the run. It consists of an axle with wheels from the map and stand United by three pairs of rods and ucoin. Strut, welded of the two steel pipes, in turn connected by two pairs of rods and struts with the bearing of the rotary carriage. On the trolley there is a passenger seat and footrest-flap, serving for fastening cable ends to the control system machine.
The bridge truck is a beam (tube) of rectangular cross section. In its cavity is inserted and tightened with two bolts, axles wheels. Drilled rail holes for mounting rods, ucoin, arc seat and footrests.
The rotary carriage plays a role as a hinge and rotation mechanism, due to the fact that its shaft is installed adrenopause disk that performs the function of the lever under the tension of the cable.
The D6 engine is fitted with forced air cooling, shortened pipe to the muffler and adapted to run from the starter chainsaw “Friendship 4”. To the inside of the rim it is attached with the platform and welded to it two simulators bike frames. To adjust chain tension on the platform there are tools that allow you to move it relative to the rim.
Air-cooled engine is provided by the installation on the small gear (from the clutch) instead of a puller of a simple centrifugal blower in the casing, and the launch of the starter motor — replacement of knot of fastening of the eccentric on the lid plugs the ratchet.
The torque from the engine is transmitted by the chain on the gear (z=29) of the leading roller. The second presenter (z=33) the gear engages with the fingers outer rim, thereby bringing it into rotation.
System the machine control cable. It consists of steering, the steering of the drum, guide rollers adrenopause disk and tether tandora to adjust its tension. All units installed on the inside of the rim, with the exception of adrenopause drive. The cable wound on the drum, passes through the guide rollers, adrenopause encircles the disk and is fixed on the bottom surface of the footrests-flap.
Unfolding torque is generated on the wheel. The stress from it is reduced drum changes its direction on the rollers and works on the shoulder, equal to the radius adrenopause drive. While the drum rotates, shortening one and lengthening the other branch.
Inhibition of introtsikl is a device similar in design to the brake child’s Bicycle is the type of “Bunny”. The force, created by the installed on the wheel arm, is transmitted by cable to the pad, clinging to the inner surface of the outer rim of the front wheel.
The appearance of our car on the street still causes great interest among children and adults. And how much joy she brings to those who manages or rides just a passenger!

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