In any even feature a mini-“Kirov workers”, “kubotai” and other upscale appliances individual economy can not do, probably, without manual equipment. Through the ages, they, in essence, little has changed. And no matter how they fought technical thought, played design, still in front of us “Taskala capacity from the handle and driving wheel” — car, “shell blade for digging, vygreba, nawalka and peresypi loose bodies” spade “hoe tool” — hoe… On how to create much-needed for the garden, the Arsenal, the magazine contacted more than once (see for example, № 4’85,6’91,5’92,7’92,9’92,9’93). The present factsheet — publications of the Hungarian “Earmaster”. Sure, we offer ideas and solutions can come to mind to our readers. Moreover, to embody in any life would be quite capable of any, even a beginner samedelman.
Folding designs there are many. The same lady’s parasol, for example. Or, say, a well-known bed-raskladushka. But to “book”, and then “accordion” packaged roomy enough gardening tvcca…
Meanwhile, fans make things with their hands developed even so unusual, nazalost would design. One of the best options emna, compact folding Tacheng and is offered to attention of readers.
Cana or scarce materials for the manufacture of this undeniably useful thing here is not required. Except that the pieces are cheap but durable fabric type canvas Yes cuts steel water-gas supply pipes with an external diameter of 20 mm. And 35…instead of the last we can restrict duralumin — old, which was in disrepair trundle bed.
The tubular workpiece is bent, as shown in the figure. The required configuration can be achieved in other, familiar to our samodelkina ways. For example, to perform bending of the pipe, pre-filling the internal cavity of river sand. Or — water with subsequent exposure to the frost that formed inside the ice let the wrong crushing, and even damage to the walls of the workpieces.
For making such a comfortable car and fit the old clamshell
For making such a comfortable car and fit the old cot.
Frame Assembly and a wheel Assembly (option)
Frame Assembly and landing gear Assembly (option):
1 — arm (from 110-mm segment of rubber tubing of suitable diameter, 2 pieces), 2— cross member spacer (length of pipe 27×2,water and gas supply tube 75, the retaining — MIO— plugs on the ends, 3— bolt MIO washer (6 PCs.), 4— spar (the length of pipe 27×2,water and gas supply tube 75 with the lower end flattened and holes 0 10.2 mm place of fixing, 2 PCs.), 5— cross resistant (from cut pipe 27×2,75, water and gas), 6— base swivel U-shaped (the length of pipe 27×2,75, water and gas), 7— tube, plastic (2 piece), 8— axis with two end mounting holes MIO and washers on the ends (from the segment of metal — ST5 — rod 0 21.5 mm), 9 — washer clamp (dimensions at the place of installation, 2 mm STZ, 2 pieces), 10— tire rubber tension (cut from tyre welocalize), 11— disc wheel (20 mm plywood, 3 pieces) 12— rim metal (60 mm section of pipe 205×2,5), 13— bushing-restrictor (130-mm section of pipe 27×2,75; water and gas supply tube, 2 PCs.).

Casing frame solid matter (option):
The casing frame solid matter (option):
1 — cross member of the frame spacer, 2 — cloth back-ground (canvas, scan — dual-line), 3 — daivena sidewall (canvas, etc.), 4 — firmware of the bead needle with strong string, 5 — lower stiffener (cut from 5-mm steel rod).

The task is much easier if you use parts of the tubular frame of the trundle bed. In fact, it’s already finished bent parts for our cars.
The Assembly special difficulties, as practice shows, no one usually is. Connections — threaded model. The required strength of attachment of the side members with spacer cross member is achieved by using a tightly scored stubs, which are prudently made holes M10.
The wheel assemblies can take the ready — from discarded farming machinery. Some successfully adapt n construction wheelbarrow wheel from scooter, mini-bike and the like used home “Zug-mechanics.” However, looks good, works reliably and improvised: with a composite disc with a metal rim and “rubber” from a piece bike. Firmly strapped together crimping with four washers bolts M6 (the latter as a separate item on the drawing conventionally not labeled), it rotates freely on axis. And the backlash “gets” mounted on the sides of the bushings with limiters.
Cutting a cladding material (canvas, for example) is so simple that a separate scan in the illustrations are also not shown. As for manufacturing technology, a cloth body, she is quite clearly given, I think, in the figures.
To cultivate ordinary bayonet shovel thoroughly Sadurnino the ground — fun, as they say, is below average. However, the business will quickly go smoothly, if you equip this “lopaty shell” mounted on a corner with a knife (see figure). And the very fabric of the bayonet to make perforated by drilling it 8…10 holes with a diameter of about 20 mm.
Sharpened in a special way (at an angle of 25 degrees) the blade allows you to combine a cutting of the sod with crushing the roots of weeds and loosening the soil, and formed by holes of “air lubrication” prevents sticking of wet land on the blade of the bayonet.
1— bayonet shovels s done it nine holes 0 20 mm 2— screw steel angle cutter sod, 3— cutting, which became a convenient “ruler”.

The length of the stem is desirable to slightly increase and there will be more opportunities to change hand position during work. And that means less felt fatigue from monotonous work. The surface of the cutting it is advisable to carefully “sand these” sandpaper, followed by singeing with a blowtorch, so as not to continue rubbing himself calluses on his hands. Well, if the patches still apply a markup of 100-mm alternating strips, this shovel can be performed and simple measuring operation. For example, when planting trees, the breakdown of a ridge.
The resulting from her chopper — additional, not typical of “original” features. It will be enough simply to turn an IEDku around the handle 180 degrees, and in the runes you have —the original cultivator with toothed cutting part. Sharpness sharpening is needed here not only for easy cutting of weeds, how much for a rolling entry into the soil. Weeds then rip out with the roots, and the soil well loose.
1— blade working figure (from the cloth of an old handsaw), 2— screw, 3— nozzle weld (tube section 33,5×3,25, steel water-gas supply), 4— stalk.

Primitive, it would seem, gun — skating rink. But when performing agricultural work, and he is irreplaceable.
Ice skating is trebovatel:
1— working body (cut logs of heavy wood), 2— axis (300 mm steel pin with driving head on M32, 2 PL.), 3— bracket-clip (a segment of strip St3 with a cross-section 5x$0 mm), 4— pole with crank (welded from strips of rough 33. 5×3. 25, steel modulational).

In the Foundation — block of hard and highly durable wood species. Rotates on the axle shafts in the clip-a cage of steel strip. And pull it to the drawbar . with handle (see picture). — welded konstruktsiy from strips of steel water-gas supply pipe, reinforced gussets (again, welded!) in place of mounting with a bracket-clip.
Sounds like a good use of old worn tyres as original smooth (similar to the designs of the above) and ringed rollers. To do this close to each other, set several tires and… Simply tightening them with two disks and four studs with secrets and washers (the latter is the guarantor of the reliability) in single sentiu. Aligning this team konstruktsiy axle with ball bearings (preferably self-aligning with shields — dust-dirt) and enclosing the appropriate clip-clip from the shaft (or coupling sleeve), get a great result. And Nathon became annular, fixed to a support surface pokryshin the teeth of the harrows of the type of PTU. You improvised and made of technology contained in the tenth number in 1991 with the Installation of the teeth on the support surface pokryshin exercise, burning the last red-hot steel Putnam holes. They-and secure with washers and gain teeth.
Ring rink
Rink ringed:
1—old car tyre (4…8), 2-axis, 30 mm (ST5), 3-bracket-clip (a segment of strip St3 with a cross section of 5×50 mm, in a side view conventionally not tire), 4 — pole, 5 —coupling (stud M10 with nuts and washers on the ends, 4-piece), 6-node self-aligning ball bearing (from a scrapped farm machinery, 2 piece), 7 — drive wheel (2 PCs.) 8 — tooth harrows of the type PTU (number and location is based on need and opportunities).

Harrow of the old tyres:
Harrow from old tyres:
1— tooth harrows of the type PTU, 2— eye chain, 3— tire


“Bargain” tire can easily be turned into a “non-standard”, but a good harrow. In this case the teeth from those same scrapped PTU fixate on just one facing the earth surface. For connecting homemade harrows with drawbar inserted in it the eyelet with chain.
Steel spring mounts of plants
Spring back up for plants.

Here too all are clear. Taken 3…5 MM rod, sbivaetsya it a coil spring with two sticks in the ground straightened ends — retaining and ready for plants: safe and beautiful. Quite acceptable even for indoor plants.

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