My article on the so-called system of separate lubrication of two-stroke engine was published in “Vogue list designer” number 7 for the year 1991. However, letters from readers interested in additional information about the equipment for it, I get so far. As the analysis of mail, almost all have difficulties in the manufacture of the metering device is turned fittings, needle, etc. Can you recommend a method developed and tested by me on his motorcycle.

Remember: when adjusting flow rate by means of a metering needle number of falls in the crankcase oil is changed by changing the passage section of the nozzle. In principle, the same can be done without modifying the flow section of the jet, but only selecting the viscosity of the oil flowing through the channel of constant cross section. This method is somewhat simpler and more reliable than the first, since the adjusting needle can always look away, and all the oil from the reservoir a couple of miles literally, “go into the pipe”. And then — dry friction pair of the piston-cylinder and jamming…
The new dispenser is a capillary channel tube with an inner diameter of 0.5—0.8 and a length of 20-30 mm, which are soldered into the fitting Moslavacka. If the tube with such parameters is not there, then you can use a thicker, for example, with an internal diameter of 1 mm, and inserts the wire thickness of 0,4—0,5 mm. to ensure strict ratio of oil and gasoline in the fuel mixture gets the viscosity of the oil, which it is diluted with gasoline. The estimated oil consumption should be 0.5—1 cm3 per one kilometer at a speed of 50-60 km/h If you pay attention to the selection of experimental viscosity and accurately record the proportion of gasoline and oil, in the future for each brand of oil will be possible to know the amount of gasoline that you need to dilute it. Because the viscosity must be optimal for a given capillary cross-section and length.
I take this opportunity also to add to your previous material about the dispenser with an adjusting needle-Many people are interested in how to prevent oil in the crankcase at the time when it is not running — in the Parking lots. So, no mechanical shutter of the tap or valve — I have not provided. Just the oil pipe is carried out so that the hose is above the oil level in the reservoir, as shown in the figure.
Routing oil line from the tank to the fitting on the inlet of the carburetor
Routing the oil line from the tank to the fitting on the branch pipe of the carburettor (A — maximum oil level in the tank):
1 — the oil pipe (vinyl tube with an inner diameter of 6-8 mm); 2 — a tank (transparent container with a volume of about 250 cm^3)

Variants of the dispensing device system of separate lubrication
Options metering device system separate lubrication:
1 — the dispensing needle; 2— fittings; 3 — washer; 4 — oil lines (polyvinyl tube); 5 — nut

Many of those who wrote to me, asking to indicate the most important dimensions of the metering device — they are in front of you.
Not quite clear was and the proportion of oil and gasoline. The fact that in the fuel tank, and masabacha is a mixture of gasoline with oil. In the fuel tank, the ratio of gasoline and oil is 100:1, but you can take pure gasoline. In Moslavacka ratio of gasoline and oil must be such that the viscosity of the mixture was approximately the same as that of transformer oil.
Well, if Moslavacka volume is about 250 cm3, what will be enough for 250-500 km. It is desirable that the container was translucent (e.g., plastic) and there were clear risks, indicating the amounts of liquid — it’s easier when commissioning the metering system.
And the last one. Fitting the metering device and the inlet fitting on the carb are connected polyvinyl tube with an inner diameter of 6-8 mm. At the inlet of the carb fitting is located on top, possibly near the cylinder. Under it the pipe is drilled threaded hole M8, the inner diameter of the hole in the fitting — 4 mm.
B. Tail C. Tsaredarivka, Kharkiv region.

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