PULLER — EASIER TO NOWHEREDisassembly of the front suspension nodes, rear-wheel drive automobiles requires the use of special devices. According to the recommendations given in the book V. A. Vershigora “Cars “Lada” models BA3-2103 — 2107 and their modifications, and repair of the Device” to clear the fingers of the upper and lower ball joints needed puller 7.7801.9513. You can find him only in the workshops of service, sales they are not. Moreover, this puller has a rather complicated structure, to make it their own.

Also known puller simpler (Fig.1), consisting of a rod with a protrusion on one side and internal thread M10 on the other hand and a bolt of M10, the head of which has a recess. To a wheel fingers, the device is placed between them (the nuts previously removed). Stress is created by unscrewing the bolt.

The imperfection of this device is its lack of rigidity due to the small diameter of the bolt, the limited dimensions of the rod. It is therefore proposed that a more simple and reliable device consisting of three parts: the stem (Fig.2) and two hexagonal high nuts M14 (GOST 15524-70). The sequence of operations the breakup is as follows. First, screw a regular nut with the fingers of both hinges. Then on the finger, for example, on the bottom, screwed one of the screws fit. The rod is mounted along the axis of the finger joints so that the ledge was part of the screwed nut. Then hold the terminal in this position by screwing the nut fit with the lower finger. However, she begins to pump the rod upwards, and in its recess on the opposite side of the upper part of the finger. As the screwing of the nut the rod starts vypressovyvaniem one of the fingers (e.g., the top). After that, the rod is released and pressed (upper) finger slightly tightened the second nut of the fixture. The first nut is removed from the bottom of the finger and is set on the top. The rod is turned through 180° with its projection inserted into the first nut, which is then fastened with the top of the finger. Due to this, the rod starts to put pressure on the lower finger and vypressovyvaniem it. Then the nuts from the top of thumb screw. He top finger is removed with light hammer blow.

Fig. 1. Sliding puller

Fig. 1. Sliding puller:

1,4 — fingers top and bottom ball bearings; 2 — a nut of the upper finger; 3 — bolt M10 fixture; 5 — stud fixtures


Fig. 2. The hard core remover

Fig. 2. Hard rod puller

The use of standard nuts for the proposed operation of a wheel is unacceptable as they have the plastic retaining rings, which will thus be damaged.


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