RELIABLE PROTECTION OF THE HEADThe human neck is very perfect mechanism that performs many vital functions. However, it is very compact, flexible and surprisingly agile. All this allows to consider it one of the most wonderful inventions of Nature. The only thing that the neck is not calculated, so it is in opposition to those forces which man puts his own head knowingly. The musculoskeletal system of the neck, for example, does not tolerate sharp linear motion and rotational motion of the skull that occurs when different kinds of shocks and blows, especially in the chin or neck. Such effects usually lead to a concussion or intracranial injury.

To combat such phenomena is proposed the original design of the helmet consists of a protective grid, drogenase sheath and belt attachment.
The grille protects the head in the forward hemisphere and, without touching the chin falls to the chest. Due to the fact that it works under shock loading, the material should be strong enough. In this case, applied the rod with a diameter of 5 mm of steel 65G.
The shell repeats the shape of the head and has two cuts in the back part for ease of putting on and taking off a helmet. It is made from recycled polyurethane foam (TU 6-05-1872-79). When using a shell material with a stiffness coefficient of 10 000 to 50 000 PA safety distance between the protective grill and the person (s) is recommended is 50 mm. on this Basis, the remaining linear and angular parameters of the helmet should be as follows: b=54 mm C=60 mm, R=165 mm, α=164°, β=143°, γ=46°, ω=67°.
Protection grille in several places connected with drogenase shell. For this purpose, the bars relating to the parietal, frontal and temporal regions of the sheath, wrapped with strips of polyurethane foam and attached with glue REL 5 TU-13 SSR 32-81.
A stable position of the helmet on the head is provided with two vertical and four horizontal straps of woven elastic tapes (TU 17-09-326-90). The first pulled together under the chin, the rest on the back of the head by using metal rings (although it is possible to apply synthetic hook and loop fastener).
Helmet to protect from blows to the head
Helmet to protect from blows to the head:
1 — protective grille; 2 — shell udalagama; 3, 4 — attachment straps of the helmet; 5 — protective vest; 6 — the fixing straps of the vest.

Weight helmet with straps and rings, is 1410, Despite some cumbersome design, it does not prevent the review and head turns.
How does the helmet?
When applied to the front impact force applied to the protective grille, are redistributed between the head and the chest. Therefore the point around which turned at the moment of impact the head without a helmet, is moved from the place of articulation of the cervical and thoracic vertebrae in the lumbar spine. That is, the impact and the following rotary motion of the now upper part of the body resists the musculoskeletal system abdomen and back, which is anatomically 8-10 times more powerful than the corresponding system of the neck. Therefore, in the same 8-10 times reduces the probability of concussions.
the process of redistribution of loading and a rear impact the force applied to the helmet, also transmitted on the chest.
In side impact protective grille is free to move parallel to the chest. However the broken jaw is completely eliminated, since there is no contact of the chin and grille in any blows to the head.
The helmet was tested in training Amateur boxers for two years. Quite often a protective vest covering his chest. During this time, not happened a single knockout or knockdown. I think that the helmet could be used not only in Boxing, but where possible accidental blows to the head, for example, in Amateur and professional auto – and Motorsport.

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