GAZ-14 “Chaika”

GAZ-14 Changeable automotive fashion, and tended in the early 1960-ies to structures of a more severe, angular style, prompted designers to develop Gas Executive car with a more modern design than the GAZ-13.

Construction of a new “Gull” began in 1967, a large-scale model of a vehicle approved in 1969, after which the factory started to manufacture prototypes.

In 1977 he collected the first production batch of cars.


The new machine is the same as the previous one had an X-shaped frame, but its wheelbase has increased by 200 mm, respectively, increased and the length of the machine. At the same time by 95 mm by reducing the height of the car to reduce aerodynamic resistance and to improve stability of the movement.

The engine was a all the same V-shaped “eight”, but at the expense of variable valve timing and other measures failed to boost its power up to 220 HP, which improved acceleration dynamics of the car and increased its maximum speed.

Small-scale production of “the Seagull” continued until 1989. During the period from 1976 to 1989 was released 1120 cars.

GAZ-14 “Chaika”:

length — 6114 mm;

width — 2020 mm;

height — 1525 mm;

base — 3450 mm;

own weight 2605 kg.

the maximum power of the engine 220 HP;

maximum speed — 175 km/h;

the capacity of the fuel tank — 100 l.




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