GAZ-3111 “VOLGA”

GAS-3111 The Gorky plant is always focused on cars of the middle class—is simple, durable, adapted to conditions of Russia. In this series are milestone cars like the GAZ-M1 (“Emka”), the GAZ-M20 “Pobeda” and a long string of cars under the name “Volga” — GAZ-21, GAZ-24, GAZ-З1029, GAZ-3110..


And finally, the last novelty of Nizhny Novgorod — “Volga” with an index of GAZ-3111.
The new “Volga” looks very impressive, although her appearance clearly reveals the opinion of the official nomenclature of the recent past about the design of the Executive car
The car’s interior blends well with its external appearance: the rounded shape of the dashboard and door trim panels decorative inserts “under the tree”, a fashion plate with a pair of liquid crystal displays, shiny trim around the center panel of the speedometer is Markedly different from previous models and the quality of finishing materials. So, soft upper part of the torpedo in appearance and feels like shagreen leather, lower part together with the center console molded from hard plastic, also has a similar coating. Just look cladding panel doors.
In the driver’s seat can accommodate people of any height and physique — due to the abundance of adjustments of seats and steering wheel make it easy.
GAS-З111 VOLGA: length 4897 mm, width 1840 mm, height 1472 mm, base 2820 mm ground clearance 160 mm kerb weight 1690 kg, engine displacement 2,464 l, 136 HP, a maximum speed of 185 km/h.

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