IN SEARCH OF A NEW CLASSMERCEDES R-class. The modern market cars to the limit filled with cars of various types, which, however, can be grouped into clearly-defined classes that allows the buyer to compare vehicles according to their technical characteristics and prices in order to offer dozens of vehicles to choose only one. Accordingly, firms-producers to create new machines “tied” them to a particular class and, consequently, to the already established consumer group.

However, this production method is suitable only for stable, the market does not allow to implement powerful technological breakthroughs, creating machines of a fundamentally new classes of Firms producing similar cars, go on a risk, but if successful they create for themselves another consumer group, ensuring the production stability
Of course, such experiments can not afford mainly only a powerful automobile Corporation, for example, such as DaimlerChrysler. The fact is that when you run a series of similar extracurricular machines and sometimes there are incidents. It so happened, in particular, with compact urban double SMART car — despite the relatively stable demand, the production of this car remains unprofitable, its cost exceeds the considerable selling price of this tiny little car — about 8 to 9 thousand dollars depending on configuration.
However, it is in the depths of DaimlerChrysler in the late 1990-ies has developed a new compact car MERCEDES A 140 with a three-beam star on the grille, which has become one of the most exotic cars from Mercedes-Benz This vehicle did not fit their data to any of the classes and combined in the CE of be features as the hatchback and minivan, while from the cars of the famous German firm not only original appearance almost did not have brand “Mercedes” damn, but the main — a very unusual layout. It should be noted that “a hundred fortieth” was destined to become the ancestor of a whole number of new passenger cars.
Similarly, none of the existing classes can not be attributed to the new car, which the marketers of the company Mercedes-Benz has given the index R. it organically combines SUV, MPV and Executive cars, allowing you to take the beginner to a special, non-existent before this time the type of vehicles — great sports-tourism (Grand Sport Tourer).
Car MERCEDS R class edition 2005
Car MERCEDS R class edition 2005
From the point of view of specialists, aerodynamicists, the new car has a very clean shape. Numerous blowing in wind tunnels helped to increase the drag coefficient of the car until CX = 0,31. In addition, purge helped to develop a series of measures to reduce zagryazneniem front side Windows and exterior mirrors.
Experts say that technically the MERCEDES R class is not so much different from the comfortable SUV MERCEDES ML (more about it it is told in the journal “modelist-Konstruktor” No. 12, 2005) — they have the same gasoline six – and eight-cylinder engines with V-shaped arrangement of cylinders, the seven-speed automatic transmission and air suspension. In addition, both machines are produced on a newly-built in the American city of Tuscaloosa (Alabama) plant of Mercedes-Benz.
Recall that the V-shaped “six” represents a gasoline engine working volume of 3.5 liters and output of 272 HP and a V-shaped “eight” has a working volume of 5.0 liters and power 306 HP Respectively, a maximum speed of MERCEDES R-class with these engines 230 and 245 km/h and acceleration to 100 km/h in 8.4 and 7.0 with p. the Power of these engines does not seem excessive, considering that the total vehicle weight is nearly three tons!
Geometric diagram of MERCEDES R class
Geometric diagram of MERCEDES R-class
Arrangement of passengers in the car
Arrangement of passengers in the car
The front of the cabin
The front of the cabin
The instrument of automobile MERCEDES R-class
The instrument cluster of automobile MERCEDES R-class
Decomposition rear — passenger compartment is transformed into a large cargo Bay
When unfolded the rear seats — the passenger compartment is transformed into a large cargo Bay
Interestingly, the automatic transmission has no traditional selector — instead the mode is podrulevymi lever-switch When lowering it down mode is Drive, up is reverse gear and press the button on the end of the lever engages a Parking mode.
The drivetrain of the new vehicle all-wheel drive with permanent all-wheel drive with free differentials.
Front suspension MERCEDES R-class — independent, double wishbone, rear — independent multi. The car comes with two versions of the suspension spring and of the pneumatic type Airmatic. Note that the car with air suspension has improved ride, keeping it even on a gravel road. Those who already had the opportunity to experience a new car, say, at speeds up to 140 km/h in the cabin remains so quiet that it is possible to talk in a low voice.
When you increase speed above 120 km/h the suspension automatically adjusts ground clearance of the car with the regular 170 mm to 150 mm, which improves the aerodynamics of the car and increases its stability. Well, when riding on the road with the push of a button the driver can increase ground clearance of 220 mm., Such clearance, by the way, has the domestic “field” — recognized by all jeep-SUV.
And one more feature air suspension, which can operate in two modes — Comfort and Sport. The first provides for high smoothness of motion in cruise mode (no sharp turns, accelerations and decelerations), but when driving in Sport mode is considerably reduced roll in bends and the steering becomes more rigid and informative.
Front (A) and (B) the suspension of the car
Front (A) rear (B) suspension of the car
One of the engines of MERCEDES R class — diesel, V-neck, 5-liter, 8-cylinder
One of the engines of MERCEDES R class — diesel, V-neck, 5-liter, 8-cylinder
The layout of the cabin of a new car is unparalleled — its capacity is six people, which is achieved due to the location of the seats in three rows — each with two passengers. Interestingly, all the six seats — separate. The distance between the first and second rows is 920 mm is more solid than a MERCEDES S-class. To climb on the back of the chair is quite simple — just need to pull the special lever and second row seat rises and moves forward, opening the passage to the third row. However, there are several closer than the second, since the distance between the rear rows is 825 mm, but that is enough to place in this space of passengers is normal size.
The payback for higher capacity and comfort of the passengers of the car (six-seat version) was the almost complete absence of Luggage. However, to increase the Luggage compartment is not worth it — if needed the third row seats easily fold flush with the floor, forming quite a roomy cargo Bay. When transporting bulky loads similarly can be removed and the second row seat. In the latter case, a useful Luggage compartment volume of 2.4 m3!
In this new car, which the marketers of the company Mercedes-Benz has given the index R, organically combines SUV, MPV and Executive cars, allowing you to take the beginner to a special, non-existent before this time the type of the Grand Sport Tourer — great sportinteraction cars
In this new car, which the marketers of the company Mercedes-Benz has given the index R, organically combines SUV, MPV and Executive cars, allowing you to take the beginner to a special, non-existent before this time the type of the Grand Sport Tourer — great sportinteraction car

Comfort for driver and passengers, the MERCEDES R class is supported with dozens of electronic devices and assemblies. Take, for instance, multicontour seats with multiple electric mechanisms, which not only provide the now familiar position adjustment and configuration of the back and seat, but also able to vary the degree of lateral support, depending on traffic conditions.
As you know, the car company Mercedes-Benz are known for their high level of security. Is no exception and the MERCEDES R-class. In addition to the traditional means of passive safety, the car with a 5-liter engine is equipped with seats with active head restraints that when you hit a car from behind using the system Neck Pro automatically move up to the heads of the riders that protects the cervical vertebrae of the front passengers at blow behind.
Technical characteristics of the car MERCEDES R-class
Technical characteristics of the car MERCEDES R class
Readers will surely be interested in the system Pre Safe in critical situations (emergency braking, skidding, etc.) the sensor signals the ABS and ESP it will automatically prepare for a possible attack — tighten the front safety belts, closes side Windows and sunroof and lead the front seat to a position optimal for the airbag deployment. Such preliminary preparation of the vehicle to possible crash significantly reduces the likelihood of injury in road accidents.
By the way, it is worth mentioning the adaptive bi-xenon headlights that change direction of the light flux in accordance with the movement of the steering wheel — this system is also working to increase the safety when riding at night.
Currently, the plant in Alabama produces only long-wheelbase version of the MERCEDES R-class, designed primarily for implementation in the United States. For Europeans in sale rough terrain classmate — this car lighter and more maneuverable, “American”, but, of course, somewhat closer.

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