THE HEIR OF A PICKUP TRUCKThe increased capacity PEUGEOT PARTNER. The emergence of a new class of vehicles — the process is usually lengthy. It often happens — the “cool” concept car of unusual shape and unknown purpose produces a sensation at the international car dealers, kindly found by buyers installation series of these cars, well then… Where are these recent global trends — hybrids minivans with sports cars or super-expensive urban mini-cars? At the same time there is growing popularity of new cars recently introduced class, who still do not have a name (some call these cars a station wagon with a high roof, the other — increased capacity, some superuniversality) increases, respectively, and the number of firms producing a similar vehicle. Today coming off the Assembly line a lot of superuniversal — one of them in the first place, PEUGEOT PARTNER, RENAULT KANGOO, CITROEN BERLINGO (DONINVEST ORION M), and FIAT DOBLO.

These machines in a short time became the perfect family car, although the specialists nevertheless created them as intermediates between ordinary passenger wagons and compact delivery vans-“heels”. Some see in these machines with a high roof kinship with the minivans, but for the price they are quite distant relatives — minivans much more expensive than superuniversal that at a price comparable to the cheaper models of a Golf class. The reason is the simplicity of construction the increased capacity, due to their “cargo” in the past. And now these machines are manufactured generally in two variants — passenger and cargo.
The founder of a very young family of superuniversal became PEUGEOT PARTNER — car, the first version of which was released in 1996. The emergence of awkward at first glance, the three-door station wagon caused some confusion you have about-car audience, but soon many were able to verify that the new machine very successfully combines comfort with functionality and a small size with a sufficiently large loading capacity. The car, designed on the basis of known for their high performance hatchback PEUGEOT 306, also demonstrated excellent stability and controllability even in a very congested state.
The popularity of superuniversal immediately caused a number of imitations, since the majority of automobile firms, who undertook the production of the increased capacity, had the production program of suitable models on the basis of which it was possible to organize the production of cars of the new class.
Superuniversal company Renault KANGOO
Superuniversal company Renault KANGOO
The Patriarch among superuniversal — PEUGEOT PARTNER 1996 release
The Patriarch among superuniversal — PEUGEOT PARTNER 1996 release
The first such copycat was firm Citroen released the CITROEN BERLINGO superuniversal, and this is understandable — after all, Peugeot and Citroen are part of a single industrial group PSA. Cars look almost complete twins can tell them apart except for the grille. By the way, the passenger version is called the BERLINGO MULTISPASE, which differs from the PEUGEOT PARTNER a more rich set. BERLINGO standard equipment (power steering, Central locking, twin airbags and tinted glass) with a 1.4-liter 75-horsepower engine costs about 13,000 dollars. Surcharge car can be equipped with ABS system, air conditioning and a radio with CD-player.
Called DONINVEST ORION M these cars are built in Rostov. In Moscow, these cars are successfully used as a taxi.
Not much stands out in the company of superuniversal and RENAULT KANGOO, although today this machine is the most popular model in its class. Buyers appreciated the excellent consumer qualities of the car launched into serial production in 1997. It should be noted that by the spring of 2002 was assembled its one millionth of superuniversal. On the Russian market, the KANGOO comes with a gasoline 1.4-liter 75-horsepower engine complete with manual transmission with close-ratio, providing an excellent vehicle dynamics — in particular, the energetic acceleration up to 70 km/h, which is very important for city driving.
Representatives of a new class of automobiles — increased capacity
Representatives of a new class of automobiles — increased capacity
The success of the French superuniversal prompted the Italian firm FIAT to release a similar car FIAT DOBLO, which is carried out at the Turkish company tofaş. The car looks more modern classmates and has its own unique style. DOBLO size and, respectively, inside the space of a few more French cars. It is worth noting that with the rear seats folded the boot capacity is 3000 liters. Unlike foreign predecessors, on road performance FIAT DOBLO truck rather than a passenger car. The fact that this car has a leaf spring rear suspension, better suited for the cargo version of the car, the passenger family superuniversal. Indeed, FIAT DOBLO payloads higher than the same machine — it is capable of carrying up to 750 kg of cargo.
Superuniversal FIAT DOBLO collected on the Turkish company Tofas
Superuniversal FIAT DOBLO collected on the Turkish company tofaş
The Russian market DOBLO comes with a 1.25-liter 65-horsepower engine.
But let us return to the young Patriarch of the class the increased capacity the PEUGEOT PARTNER. The first version of 1996 was a three-door, which was very uncomfortable for passenger five-seater model. In 2002, the firm Peugeot has released an updated five-door PARTNER and top PARTNER version USHUAIA. Car with a huge black plastic bumpers and bodywork began to resemble a compact SUV (version USHUAIA different bars on the headlights and increased by 30 mm ground clearance, improved performance suspension and limited slip differential to drive the front wheels).
Superuniversal is equipped with a gasoline engine working volume of 1.4 or 1.6 liter capacity of respectively 75 or 109 HP also Offers versions with a 1.9-liter diesel engine produces 69 HP and 2.0-liter 90-strong turbodiesel. It should be noted that cars with diesel a little different from the petrol versions of both the noisiness of the work and the dynamics.
Geometric scheme of increased capacity PEUGEOT PARTNER
The geometric scheme of increased capacity PEUGEOT PARTNER

The scheme of transmission with limited slip differential car PARTNER USHUAIA in contact with one of the wheels on the slippery road
The scheme of transmission with limited slip differential car PARTNER USHUAIA in contact with one of the wheels on slippery road:
1 — engine; 2 — transmission; 3 — slip differential; 4 — asphalt pavement; 5 — ice

Transmission four-wheel drive version of the PEUGEOT PARTNER manufactured by the French company Dangel
Transmission all-wheel drive version of the PEUGEOT PARTNER manufactured by the French company Dangel
Main interior dimensions of the PEUGEOT PARTNER
The main dimensions of the interior of the PEUGEOT PARTNER
The driver of the PEUGEOT PARTNER
The driver of the PEUGEOT PARTNER
The interior of the car PEUGEOT PARTNER
PEUGEOT PARTNER second generation
PEUGEOT PARTNER second generation
The interior of the updated car is also slightly different than its predecessor. The machine is a new chetyrehspitsevy steering wheel, another decorated instrument panel with round instruments, a solid center console with information display and radio with CD-player. To the right is a spacious glove box and an open shelf-tray. Between the glove box and shelf is the airbag for the front passenger is standard equipment of the new PEUGEOT PARTNER. Under the front seat of the car, an additional drawer.
Seat of superuniversal high, similar to a bus. The high waist provides a comfortable environment for rear passengers — even if ultimately pushed back the front seat, the knees of the rear passengers do not relate their backs.
The rear door of the car sliding is very convenient when boarding passengers in tight Parking spaces. The trunk capacity is 624 litres and with the rear seats folded the PEUGEOT PARTNER turns into a van with a cargo compartment volume of 2800 liters. The spare wheel is located outside, under the floor of the Luggage compartment.
The most interesting version of the updated PEUGEOT PARTNER is superuniversal modification, called USHUAIA at name hard-to-reach areas in the archipelago Ognennaya Earth. Car prototype USHUAIA is characterized by the presence of a limited slip differential in the transmission, is increased to 170 mm ground clearance, modified suspension characteristics, engine under cover and the bars on the headlights and tail lights. From the whole range of engines, which are fitted in PEUGEOT PARTNER USHUAIA are used on the 109-horsepower gasoline cylinder capacity of 1.6 liters and 90 horsepower 2-liter turbodiesel.
As already mentioned, the new PARTNER resembles a compact SUV. For completeness of the information note that is available all-wheel drive version of this car called PARTNER DANGEL produced by a small French company Dangel. The rear wheel drive of the SUV is carried out using viscous coupling in normal conditions the vehicle is only front-wheel drive, and the stalling of the front wheels, the torque is transmitted also to the rear cross-axle limited-slip differential, which distributes it between the rear wheels.
Main technical characteristics of the increased capacity
The main technical characteristics of the increased capacity
There are options to release a car with manual connecting power the rear wheels and forced locking rear transverse differential. There is also the possibility of equipping the machine a kind of dual high — additional a pair of gears installed in the gearbox. And to finally turn the superuniversal in the SUV, the firm Dangel increased ground clearance of up to 230 mm, mounted crankcase of the engine and equipped with a machine more suitable for jeep wheels.

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