Small red-hot spiral, fed by electric current, in skilled hands becomes a kind of pencil, which is burned on the tree. This elektrovyzhigatel. For its production you will need a transformer, step-down the voltage to 220 V to 2-4, 1.5—2 m stranded wire (cord), electrical tape, nichrome wire Ø 0,5—0,8 mm with a length of 60-80 mm, wood 30 mm 0 blank or cut of the PCB [plywood] with a thickness of 7-9 mm, screws and M3 nuts, small screws, strips of brass of 1 mm thickness, twine. We offer our readers two versions of elektrovyzhigatel, and each is characterized by simplicity, reliability and safety in operation.

The first design (Fig. 1). Wooden throw 30×30 mm carved on a lathe pen or use the ready-made from any tool. Along the Central axis of the handle drill a hole Ø 7-10 mm for the cord.
Cut from sheet brass two plate-holder, drill in them two holes of Ø 3 mm and bend at a right angle. Giving them the form shown in the drawing, attach them with small screws to the edge and move under heads bared ends of the cord, threading it through the hole. On the opposite side of the holders install the clips for nichrome wire — two screws with M3 washers and nuts. The ends of the heater bend into rings with a diameter of about 3 mm and clamp between the plates and washers.
The second design (Fig. 2). Handle manufacture of the PCB or plywood with a thickness of 7-9 mm, drill four holes of Ø 3 mm and clamp plate holders made of brass. To the extreme a pair of screw holders, plug the cord, lay it along the handle, wrap in several layers of isolational ribbon and then on top of it with twine.
Fig. 1. Homemade elektrovyzhigatel with chiseled pen
Fig. 1. Homemade elektrovyzhigatel with turned handle:
1— nichrome wire, 2— bolt with nut M3, 3— pin plate. 4— screw-tapping screw, 5 — handle, 6 power cord, 7— step-down transformer.
R and p. 2. Option elektrovyzhigatel with flat handle
Fig. 2. Option elektrovyzhigatel with flat handle:
1— nichrome wire; 2— pin plate; 3— bolt with nut M3; 4— insulation winding; 5— tape; 6— knob; 7— cord.

Elektrovyzhigatel connected to a stepdown transformer (first 2 In). Shackle pointed bending nichrome wire needs to be heated to a dark red color. If it will be bright red, the heater will burn out quickly. To avoid this, change the length of the heating element 60 to 80 mm and the value of the applied voltage.
I. SHOIN, Bitter

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