Especially the installation of automatic door closers

The features of the installation of automatic door closers

Now there are a large number of constraints, they differ structurally and mounting method. It is considered the most simplest installation door closer surface-mounted type with upper location. Most importantly, to bringing the product has been properly selected and match the settings of the door Assembly.


If you want to attach the limiter to the door, first read the instructions, and then according to the requirements choose the location of the door closer. It is better to set the device for smooth finishing of the room and not the street, so you will save your “door guards” from the influence of changes in temperature and humidity of the external environment.


Included with the door closer should be a template that performs layout of mounting holes. Stencil the installation process much easier, it is a pity that such a “cheat sheet” is attached only to the limiters, overhead, other types of mounting more difficult.


Then screw the latch to make sure that the enclosure was located exactly perpendicular to the doorframe. When the limiter is completed, you need to make an adjustment. The main body of the door closer has two screws, turning them with a screwdriver, you can adjust the speed of door closing. The main thing is not to overdo it with the adjustment, because it depends on the length of service shall communicate equipment.


If you are sure that you will be able to perform the installation of the device for smooth finishing, then order services wizard. When the latch is broken, repair is impossible. Failed to signal the product can affect the performance of door locks. Although the locking mechanisms can jam for other reasons. Lockpicking needs to produce a professional locksmith.


Locking snap-in can jam due to the fact that the details of the inner mechanism is worn, broken cylinders, or there were problems with the bolt. In these cases a careful autopsy, therefore, in no case do not try to bust open the lock or open it with a screwdriver.


Professional opening lock items is necessary if the door is broke or stuck key. Gently open lock later, you can fix it, in other cases, the lock repair is not predictable. That is why the emergency opening of locking mechanism should produce only a professional craftsman with special tools (picks, keys, and so on).

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