LINEN Drying the washed linen in the apartment is always fraught with troubles. No matter where it was hung in the bathroom, kitchen, balcony or loggia, is a place for many hours is filled with rows of rope, weighed down with wet things. So they do not interfere, rope trying to fix, usually higher. However, getting rid of one inconvenience, get another: has to stand on a chair or stool. And this is unsafe.
It would be easier to hang clothes, standing on the floor and then raise it to the desired height.
We have designed and built a simple hoist — clothesline “lift”.
Kinematics of “lift” (Fig. 1) is solved in such a way that simultaneous lifting (and lowering) of both crossbars. The lift cord encircling the pulley, is wound on a spool with a handle and stopper. Skew cross protivoprotosanoe special use protection system, acting on the principle of rassini: her cords, stretched between the fittings, run around rollers mounted in the cross members in pairs. All this allows to pull the clothesline tight enough, without sagging.
Fig. 1. Schematic diagram wiring cords lifting and protivoprotosanoe system.
Fig. 1. Schematic diagram wiring cords lifting and protivoprotosanoe system:
1 — guides the left side of the Laundry “Elevator”, 2 — left cross, 3 — cords protivoprotosanoe system, 4 — embedding cords 5 cable hoist, 6 — coil lift, 7 — guides the right side of the Laundry “Elevator”, 8 — incorporation of the lift cord, 9 — the right cross member, 10 — clothesline.

Made “lift” of accessible and easily processed materials: rails and cross-members made of aluminum channels, pulleys, rollers and wheels made of PTFE.
Right and left (Fig. 2) part of the lift the same and are like a mirror image. But not all: one of the vertical guides right side has a large pulley, a cord lifting here is secured.
Fig. 2. Design underwear
Fig. 2. Design underwear “lift” (left side):
1 — large pulleys, 2 — holes for screwdrivers, 3, 11 guides, 4 stops, 5 — wheels, 6 — small pulleys, 7 — a cross, 8 — holes for fastening clothes ropes (number of ropes), 9 — retainer bolt-axle, 10 — bolt axle, 12 — screws fixing to the wall, 13 — spacers, 14 — holes for wiring cords protivoprotosanoe system, 15 — rollers protivoprotosanoe system.
Many dimensions of the elements of “lift” are selected depending on its place of installation, so the drawings are not given. The lifting gear can also be made arbitrary, it all depends on the washing load (it can even electrify).
His “lift” we’ve been using for a long time. It works great and has a very aesthetic appearance.
A. GORELOV, A. CHEREPKOV, Kaliningrad, Moscow region.

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