It is believed that creates a cozy apartment curtains — case female. But hanging them seemingly male? However, I want to share my female experience, how to solve the problem about which men are unaware.
The fact is that now on sale there are beautiful curtains with pelmet. They are good in the kitchen and in any room.

But, as a rule, the cornice has only two tracks, and they will not be able to hang tulle and night curtains, and the lambrequin; additionally taut fishing line SAG — ugly.
This issue we have decided after much thought, and now many of my friends use the idea.
Upgraded cornice
Upgraded the ledge:
1 – regular track with hooks; 2 — blind, 3 — lambrequin; 4 — rigid strips “thistles”; 5 — soft stripes of “agrimony”
Any overhang even with the metal, though wood, from the inner side to be glued (for example, glue “Moment”) at the same distance from each other of the strips from the tape “agrimony” (often sew such as buttons on jackets or pants). The cornice is glued only hard part of the Velcro (with hooks), and soft fleecy part sewn (hand or machine) on the pelmet (the same distance as the eaves). Why not the opposite? So when washing the Velcro strips didn’t cling to the fabric on the curtains is not formed in the tightening.
Now remove and hang the pelmets will not be easy: convenient, beautiful, safe. But if night blinds have a brushed surface, then sew the soft Velcro is not necessary, and pelmet press in places on the ledge, where hard glued Velcro.
I would be glad if our idea will help someone.
E. ANTONOVA, p. Vyazma-Bryanskaya, Smolenskaya obl.

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