BRISTOL 175 BRITANNIAFour-engine airliner Britannia started to be developed on the instructions issued in 1946, for long-haul flights to the outskirts of the British Empire. Originally it was going to equip with piston engines, but in 1949 they were replaced TVD “Proteus”. The first prototype flew on 16 August 1952 mass production of the Britannia was carried out between September 1954, However, forced landing in Uganda in operational trials in March 1956 delayed the introduction of the aircraft on regular routes. The first flight from London to Johannesburg, the plane made 1 Feb 1957

Built passenger aircraft families 100 (61 – 90 seats) and 300 (73 – 139 seats). Starting with the type 312 is introduced the thicker the skin of the fuselage and increased fuel capacity. The collection included 200 trucks and passenger and cargo options, including military transport types 252 and 253. They installed various modifications TVD “Proteus” power from 2580 3270 kW to kW.
The production of “Britain,” completed in 1960; only produced 85 cars, 55 of them in the Filton and 30 in Belfast. Aircraft of this type were exported to Israel, Canada, Mexico and Cuba.
These machines are catered to long lines, including across the Atlantic and the Pacific ocean. In the UK the operation of the Britannia ceased in 1964, many other countries in 1965, but the planes were sold to small airlines and worked there for several years.
The data of the Britannia model 312. The wingspan is 43,37 m, its area – 192,75 m2. The length of the plane – 37,87 m. empty Weight – 42 470 kg, takeoff – 83 990 kg top speed of 651 km/h, cruising – 574 km/h service ceiling – 10 000 m maximum range – 8880 km away. the Crew – four – seven people, from 82 to 139 passengers.

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