B-58 “Hustler”

B-58 Supersonic B-58 was created by the firm “Konver” as a replacement for the b-47. The first flight took place on 11 November 1956. Six weeks later, on 30 December 1956, the new car has exceeded the speed of sound, and after six months -29 June 1957 – Hasler made the first flight with the speed, twice the sound (M=2,03 at an altitude of about 13 km). 1 August 1960 to the customer was delivered the first production aircraft.


Firm “Konver” released from the aircraft b-58 from 1959 until 1962. It was built 13 experienced, 17 – 86 pre-production and serial 58A. A large number of experimental and pre-production instances is due to the complexity of the aircraft structure. A distinctive feature of “the Hustler” was the use of a special ventral container for weapons and fuel and the presence of escape pods for pilots. B-58 was in service from 1960 until the early 1970-ies. During this time, built out of 116 instances of accidents and lost 26.
Basic data In-58. Engines J79-GE-5A/B thrust 4×4400 kgs (7076 kgs – afterburner). Length – 29,51 m. Wingspan – 17,32 m. wing Area – 143,31 m2. Takeoff weight – 68 tons (a maximum of 80.2 tonnes). The mass of the container with the bomb and fuel – 16,370 so the Maximum speed is 2126 km/h Practical ceiling – 19.3 km away. Range – 7160 km Crew – three people. Armament: one nuclear bomb or 4 nuclear bomb – without the container. Defensive armament – one 20 mm six-barrel cannon General Electric T-171E-3 with ammunition 1200 rounds.

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