A BENCH IN THE HALLWAYMATERIAL: metal rod Ø 4 and 5 mm, cut sheet metal with a thickness of 2 mm, Board thickness 18 mm three-layer plywood, bolts М3Х20 mm, glue for wood, colorless furniture varnish, primer and paint for metal.

TOOL: household arc welder, hand saw, bow saw, file, plane, hammer, screwdriver, drill, drill bit, Ø 4 mm, with emery grinding paper with the clasp, feet and tassel.
MANUFACTURER. Detail 1 obtained from a single rod: it is clamped in the vise and shaped with a hammer. Pre-made template out of thin cardboard: according to him happens flexible. Then the ends are welded, and the seam is processed with a file.
Leg 2 — from the same rod, all billet handle with a file and bend as illustrated.
The ring 3 also from rod: for their forming, use a pipe of suitable diameter, and then cut with a hacksaw, and the ends of the weld.
Decorative details spiral shape 4 bend with the help of simple improvised devices; and item 5.
Rod 6 shall be cut with a hacksaw and sanded with abrasive paper. Records 7 size 20X30 mm are sawn off from the strip, the edges processed with a file, then drilled holes Ø 4 mm.
Seat 8 shall be cut from the Board, the edges are smoothed with a plane or the bastard a file. The surface is painted or pasted over with veneer.
ASSEMBLY. To the legs 2 are first welded to the ring 3, and a spiral part 4, and all together — to the frame 1. Semicircles 5 are attached the same way to the lower arc of the legs, and the part 6 — to the center of the semicircles 5. It remains to be welded to the frame 1 of the plate 7.
After Assembly the structure is covered with primer and painted. Carefully trimmed, primed and painted wood seat. After drying it is attached to the metal Foundation bolts, better furniture, with a Nickel-plated semi-circular heads.

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