BRISTOL SB was briefly the fastest bomber in the world. In June 1936 in the UK launched the “Blenheim” at about 30 km/h. This aircraft was created initially as a high-speed passenger type “142”, which had the engines “mercury”. But under the influence of his high flight data military was required to remake the car into a bomber. Prototype combat “type 142M” building did not immediately proceed to the serial production.

Later he arranged licensed production in Canada, Finland and Yugoslavia. The aircraft was manufactured in several modifications (engines with a capacity from 885 to 995 HP), including heavy fighter. Total produced 1134 instance.
“Blenheim” was in service in the UK, Greece, Canada, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, Finland and Yugoslavia. English bombers fought from September 1939 until the spring of 1942 in different theaters of military action. The Greeks and the Yugoslavs used them against the Italians and Germans in 1940 – 1941 the Finnish planes took part in the “winter war” against the Soviet Union in 1939 – 1941 and then until the armistice in 1944, Romania also acted on the German side, its “Blenheim” was used in Moldova and in Ukraine in 1941
Data “Blenheim” IV. Scope – 17,17 m length of 13.13 m Maximum take – off weight of 6550 kg. top speed of 472 km/h, practical ceiling – 9550 m, range – 3120 km.

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