MICRO GENERICThe machine is attractive for its versatility. It must be equipped with protective devices. Over the slot in the table it is necessary to install a height-adjustable pressure roller. Then Board when planing stops to jump and escape from the hands of: the quality will be better and fingers — safer. Of course, we cannot forget about the protective fence of the saw blade. And again. Because jaw Chuck is not moved, feeding parts for drilling, obviously, have to manually. To mechanize this process is also useful.

Convenient small-sized machine (Fig. 1) for wood are designed and manufactured in the design circle of Chernigov obsut young technicians, Sergei Bogomaz, Valentin Mogilny and Igor Ohrimenko.
The machine is simple and can be built in any technical circle. The box-frame is welded of area 30X30 mm. the Shaft of the working bodies rotated in a radial ball bearing, which is bolted to the upper corner of the frame.
Over the shaft there is a Desk. There are two slots: in the middle, along the shaft for the knives to the planer drum; across — for the saw blade. Along the second screws mounted adjustable guide bar-area. The table can be folded down to one side, like the lid of the chest to access the drum.
Fig. 1. General view of the machine
Fig. 1. General view of the machine
Fig. 2. Device machine
Fig. 2. The device of the machine:
1 — station 2 — the working shaft, 3 — table, 4 — motor, 5 — guide bar, 6 — switch

Fig. 3. Working shaft
Fig. 3. Working shaft:
1 — jaw Chuck, 2 — cuting disc 3 — seat, 4 — body reel, 5 — pulley, 6 — knife planer, 7 — plate chip breaker, 8 — contragate, 9 — bolt
Working bodies are driven by a single-phase motor mounted inside the frame on the lodgment. Torque from the engine to the pulley shaft is transmitted V-belt. The pulley is seated on a dowel and secured with the nut. Start the machine — a magnetic starter with push-button switch located at one end of the bed.
The shaft itself is a multifunctional organ. In its Central part there is a thickening — planing drum, whose body progressirovanii two groove: they invested knives to handle boards up to a width of 300 mm. Each knife is clamped vraspor plate chip breaker with two bolts and a lock nuts (Fig. 2).
On the opposite pulley end of the shaft are mounted removable organs: saw blade — for cutting bars up to a thickness of 40 mm; the little mill — select-quarters of the boards, grinding wheel is to sharpen tools and clean metal or wood for painting; felt disc to Polish the surface. Finally, you can screw jaw Chuck for drills and reamers. The entire Toolkit is installed and removed quickly and easily.

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