Ka-26Multi-purpose helicopter Ka-26 made according to the coaxial scheme with two-keel plumage in the form of a flying chassis. Two engines placed in nacelles on the sides of the fuselage. The pilot is in a separate cabin and payload — in removable modules. The passenger module is designed for six people. In the agricultural version of suspended hopper for chemicals (900 kg) and accessories for spraying.

Ka-26 was created in 1964 and its first flight took place on 18 August 1965 At the aircraft factory in Kumertau 825 built machines of this type. A significant part of the Ka-26 is operated in almost 15 countries. In the Russian Federation from 59 helicopters belonging to the state at the end of 2005, has flown only 28. Until recently, the real operator of the helicopter Ka-26 was the airline “Gazpromavia”, in its Park there were over 20 cars. The service life of the Ka-26 — 25 years with a possibility of extension for another 10 years. Currently, the average age of the Ka-26 is close to 30 years.
Engines — M-14V-26 with a capacity of 325 HP Diameter rotors — 13 m Length — 7,75 m Height 4,05 m. maximum takeoff Weight — 3250 kg empty — 2032 kg. the Maximum weight of the payload of 900 kg fuel Weight — 445 lbs. maximum Speed of -170 km/h, cruising — 135 km/h; dynamic Ceiling — 3000 m, static 640 m practical Range — 400 km Crew — 1 person

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