GARDENING Tillers, mini-tractors, potato harvesters For economically strong farms and farmsteads such a technique has long been not unusual Destiny of the less fortunate, it seems, can only hope for themselves, for their ability almost from “scrap” to create a solid mechanical aides, but on extremely simple, but trouble-free agricultural implement is “the gift of deep antiquity”.

However, regardless of the wealth and level of technical equipment there will always be gardening “stuff” that helps in so-called ubiquitous struggle for the harvest.
The inexorable passing of time is particularly noticeable in the computer world, it would Seem, more recently, almost the limit of perfection was considered a Pentium 1 processor with a clock frequency of 100 MHz, 500-megabyte hard drive, extended to 32 MB RAM, and operating system type Windows 3 XX Now no surprise and Core2Duo with its phenomenal features, the 250-Gigabyte hard drive, “RAM” 2 GB and a variety of OS-Windows 9x XX/ ME/2000/XP/Vista, Linux, FreeBCD. Computer hardware and software start to become obsolete almost from the moment of development, what to do with something tried and tested, which will inevitably be removed in the Summer and rapid river of time?
For older (or who came for various reasons useless) computer and music CDs, which any PC user accumulates a considerable amount, it seems, is now a highly original scope: to serve … means of protecting the garden Being hung on poles or branches of trees, they “light bunnies” capable with high efficiency to frighten birds from sown plots and in the initial phase of development of plants and the ripening period.
But that’s not all When covering the same CD sticky “fly-agaric” layer with the “non-mirrored” sides (preferably bright yellow) to be not less effective sticky traps for insect pests.
Old, defective CD-ROMs as a scarer (a) birds of light reflections from the mirror surface and how sticky traps (b) for harmful insects, attracted by a special adhesive, which is applied to the back (advertising) side of the substrate
Old, defective CD-ROMs as a scarer (a) birds of light reflections from the mirror surface and how sticky traps (b) for harmful insects, attracted by a special adhesive, which is applied to the back (advertising) side of the substrate:
1 — tree branch or a hook in place of 2 — “filament” suspension, 3 — CDs as a defender of the garden, 4 — adhesive layer of bait, 5 — stuck bug, the amount of each of the above-named parts of the place setting

The following example relates to fans for cooling electronic equipment (coolers) type JF-1225 (JF-1225В2Н) One of the traditional routine installation for them — the reverse side of the bottom (lattice) of the front panel of the system unit. However, the axis of rotation of these fans is located in a horizontal plane, which contributes to the radial runout and premature wear of bearings “Soundrive” fans, naturally, have to replace with new and old However you can find good use As practice has shown, after standard maintenance, they are quite acceptable for operation in a vertical axis position when the radial load is minimal is Truly the ideal place of installation for these “veterans” are.. greenhouses or Rather — the entrance (exit) pipe of the ventilation system.
The calculation is simple On the existing norms for every 6 — 8 m2 useful area of the greenhouse is supposed to have at least one ventilation pipe of standard section 120×120 mm. But this is “planar” dimensions named above fans with (at an operating voltage of 12 V, a current of 0.3 A and the rotation speed of 2400 Rev/min) performance 2.32 m3/min.
Computer — Teplice
Computer — Teplice:
1 — power supply old computer, 2 — Ethernet cable 3 — low voltage wiring with two full-time electoratea, 4 — “reanimated” fan electronic cooling (cooler) type JF-1225 (JF-1225В2Н), 5 — vent pipe greenhouses
Need power supply? As they say, no problem! Required 12 able to provide a power unit even from some obsolete computer, becoming dusty waiting for their fate among the other dismantled machinery electrical safety, that is, guaranteed “nizkovoltnoy” of the nodes-details and wiring no difficulties arise, since the proposed technical solution is focused on maximizing the benefits of existing (full-time) of electrical connectors.
It is not excluded that someone from zealous homebrew will offer the new original technical solutions, based on the use of “reanimated” parts, assemblies and units from outdated computers models Like other readers, of course, I will be glad to get acquainted with these developments in the pages of the beloved magazine “modelist-Konstruktor”.
N. BULIK, Starokonstantinov, Ukraine

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