L-39Double training aircraft (TCB) L-39 the company’s “Aero Vodochody” in the Czech Republic was established in 1968. In the USSR, since 1973, has delivered over 2,000 aircraft of this type. The aircraft equipped with turbojet engine AI-25V, made its first flight on 4 November of the same year. Serial L-39S since 1974 has set the engines AI-25TL 1720 kg thrust. The external distinguishing feature of the aircraft are fuel tanks located at the wing tips. The aircraft is designed for initial training of cadets the technique of piloting in simple and complex weather conditions, day and night, as well as for training of flight personnel. The pilots arranged one behind the other: trainee in the front cockpit, instructor in the rear.

For the emergency evacuation of the aircraft crew members are used on this catapult installation BC-1 BRIE and emergency relief hinged parts of the lights for the rescue of pilots at all altitudes in the speed range from 150 to 910 km/h On two underwing pylons allowed suspension aircraft armament weighing up to 250 kg.
UTS L-39 became the progenitor of a whole family training and combat machines. The first of them in 1975 was created a combat training aircraft L-39Z. His modernized version of L-39ZA differs reinforced airframe and landing gear, built-in double-barreled gun GSH-23L. On four nodes under the wing is allowed suspension of two additional fuel tanks and various weapons, including bombs and unguided rockets.
Engine AI-25TL. The wingspan of 9.46 m and an area of 18.8 m2. Length 12,13 m, height of 4.77 m. the empty Weight of the aircraft 3455 kg, normal takeoff—4370 kg (maximum of 4700 kg). The weight of fuel in internal tanks kg 1136, in hanging—2×272 kg Maximum speed 750 km/h, the practical range with the air navigation stock 1000 km Max climb rate of 22 m/s, service ceiling 11500 m. Run-up/run—480/600 M.

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