LOCKHEED L-188 ELECTRAFour-engine passenger turboprop aircraft L-188 was created under the requirements of the airline “American airlines”. In June 1955 the project was chosen from among submitted various aircraft manufacturing firms in the USA. New car interested in other airlines. The prototype of the “Electra” took to the skies on 6 December 1957, the serial production at the plant of the company “Lockheed” in Baer Bank began in October, 1958 January 12, 1959 the aircraft, “Eastern air lines” made the first flight from new York to Miami.

Major modifications “Electra” was the L-188A-to medium-haul lines and L-188B – for long-haul flights. The first theater was equipped with the Allison 501-D13 (2760 kW) and had a cabin on 74 of the 98 seats, the second – Allison 501-D15 (2980 kW), 66 to 88 seats and increased fuel capacity. Part of machines of the type collected as L-188B in cargo-passenger version. Just released 170 units, mainly type A. “Electra” exported to Australia, Indonesia and the Netherlands.
Due to the high accident rate operation of the L-188 was adjourned several times. Elimination of defects was extremely difficult, but in 1961, the modified machine was put into operation under the name “ELEKTRA” II. Some of these machines flew until the early 1990s.
L-188 became the basis for the anti-submarine aircraft P-3 “Orion”.
Data L-188A. The wingspan is 30, and 18 m, its area -120,77 m2. The length of the plane – 31,85 m. empty Weight – 25 990 kg, takeoff – 51 256 kg. the Maximum speed of 722 km/h, cruising – 644 km/h Practical ceiling – 8655 m, maximum range – 4455 km Crew – five men, from 74 to 98 passengers.

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