SOLAR DISTILLERWho has not seen the transparent walls of the greenhouse are collected moisture drops? What if to collect it — it’s distilled water, so the motorist and photographer, and Amateur chemical experiments. Of course, the greenhouse is not every hand, but the simplest installation on the basis of the greenhouse effect can make any. To do this, take a transparent film, and tightly close it on top of the neck of the pot or tank, and tilt it so. to the drops of condensed vapor dripped to the bottom, where they can gather.

The second option is even easier. Here the film closing the hole in the ground. Under the action of sunlight and soil moisture evaporates, and then condenseries on the cold surface of the film, going at its center, and from there gets installed underneath the container.
Although this “distiller” has a small capacity, but due to its simplicity requires no work no care only: the sun was shining.

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