The MiG-at

MiG-atLatest military aircraft, developed in OKB Mikoyan. Developed on a competitive basis with the Yak-130. Designed to prepare pilots for the fighters of the fourth generation type MiG-29 and su-27. The first flight in the MiG-at with two French engine “Larzac” thrust of 1440 kgf was held in March 1996

A feature of the MiG-at is a three-channel digital wire control system, allow you to change the handling characteristics of the aircraft, simulating the behaviour in the air as highly maneuverable fighter and heavy attack aircraft. In addition to training aircraft, the family of the MiG-at can include combat training and other options.
The second prototype aircraft with Russian avionics flew in October 1997. There were two wing and one fuselage hardpoints weapons to demonstrate the capabilities of combat training. In addition, a sophisticated variant of the single light attack aircraft with radar and built-in gun.
The third instance of this machine is based in the combat training option, which will be equipped with engines RD-1700 thrust of 1700 kgf and domestic avionics.
The aircraft is scheduled to install a radar guided and unguided weapons, designed to destroy air, ground and sea targets. In particular, cannon containers UPK-23, ballistic and guided aerial bombs KAB-500, blocks 8М1 for unguided missiles.
The Engine “Larzac”. The wing span of 10.16 m and its square m2 17,67. Length of 12.01 meters, the height of 4,623 m normal Takeoff weight 5210 kg the maximum Weight 7800 lbs. of fuel in internal tanks kg 1680, in external tanks—960 kg Max speed 1,000 km/h service ceiling 14000 m Ferry range 2000 km Run/run 360/640 M.

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