NOW DOES NOT FLOODDuring spring snowmelt or fall rains when water fills the basement, have to get up in the night, including turning off the pump. Simple and reliable automatic return to a peaceful sleep.

To install a submersible pump in the basement is a pit. In this case, its size 500x450x450 mm. Between the pump and the walls of the pit, without touching them, is a plastic half-liter bottle-float, 4/5 filled with water. Strong thread bottle is connected with a load, the weight of which is slightly less than the mass of water in the bottle — three hundred grams. The thread thrown over the pulley and it fixed the two “pilot” — top and bottom. “Pilots” can be made from lead bullets, severing it in half and securing to the filaments, like sinkers.
Scheme automatic control of the submersible pump
The scheme of automatic control of the submersible pump:
1 — pit; 2 — submersible pump; 3 — float (a plastic bottle of 0.5 liters); 4 — pilot-switch (lead, 2 PCs); 5 thread (dratwa, thin nylon cord, etc.); 6 — (rail 45×30, L700, 2); 7 — pulley; 8 — weight (weight 300 g); 9 — switch; 10 — counterweight; 11 — platform (tree)

The position of the upper “pilot” should be capable of switching off the pump when lowering the bottle to the bottom (see Fig.), and with her ascent to the top edge during filling the pit with water lower pilot should turn on the pump. As a switch, it is possible to use an ordinary wall, but his arm needed to extend to 5 — 6 centimeters. At the end of the arm is performed a hole through which is passed the thread.
Racks are made from wooden slats 45×30 a length of 700 mm and attached to a wooden platform with a counterweight.
A. BAHIR, V. ZORIN, Moscow

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