The Yak-11

Yak-11In 1946, first flew double an educational-training plane Yak-11, created on the basis of the Yak-3, but with motor air-cooling, ASH-21. Its armament consisted of a synchronous UBS machine gun of 12.7 mm caliber and two 50-kg bombs In 1955 at the request of Czechoslovakia in OKB A. S. Yakovlev developed the under the gun A-12,7. In 1951 appeared the Yak-11 with the nose landing gear and the training Yak-11T with the equipment of a fighter. In Czechoslovakia built a small series of machines under the designation C-11U.

Several Yak-11 remade the single for the filming of the feature film “Normandy — Neman” In the same way went and the French, but the goal they had the other part in an air show. The engines ALU-21 replaced the 1,350-horsepower R-1830-94 of the company “Pratt & Whitney”. Serial production of Yak-11 was completed in 1956 with the release of over 4,000 machines.
The Yak-11 was also used for towing cones designed for training of firing at air targets. The assets of the Yak-11 listed five world records. In particular, the records of speed (471,348 km/h) and range (1990,183 km) established in 1951 and 1953 respectively.
The aircraft was involved in “combat” operations. In the GDR it was used to combat the propaganda balloons, and during the Korean war as a ground attack aircraft.
The engine AL — 21 700 HP wing Span is 9.2 m. wing Area is 15.4 m2. Length — 8.5 m. take-off weight is 2418 lbs. empty Weight — 1854 kg fuel Weight — 268 kg Max speed 456 km/h Time of ascent of 6000 m and 12.1 min service ceiling — 7000 m. the Range — 1290 km. Run-up/run — 395/500 m.

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