Tu-22The Tu-22 was designed to replace the Tu-16. The design of the new aircraft under the symbol “105” was initiated in the Tupolev 15 August 1955 and August 1957 was completed construction of the prototype. 21 Jun 1958 “105” made its first flight. Since 1957, he designed an improved prototype, “105A”, which became the prototype of the Tu-22. The Tu-22 were built at the Kazan plant № 22 from the beginning of 1959 to December 1969. It was built 311 aircraft of this type (modification of the Tu-22 and Tu-22B, scout the Tu-22R, Tu-22K, jammer Tu-22P and training aircraft Tu-22U).

The Tu-22 was widely used in long-range aviation and naval aviation. These machines were exported to Iraq and Libya. Unfortunately, the Tu-22 was the alert aircraft of the Soviet VVS: only until 1975, crashed about 70 vehicles (20% of the Park).
The last Tu-22 was retired air force and Navy of Russia in the 1990-ies.
The basic data of the Tu-22
Engines – RD-7M2 thrust 2×1100 kg (16 500 kgs – afterburner). Length of 42.6 m. the wing Span of 23.6 m. wing Area -151,25 m2. Takeoff weight – 92 t payload Mass -3…9 so the Maximum speed is 1610 km/h Practical ceiling – 13,3 km. Combat radius of 2500 – 2700 km, and a Crew of three. Armament: missile X-22 or a nuclear bomb 7U-31, or bombs caliber 250 kg. 9000…Defensive armament 23-mm gun 261П ammunition 500 rounds.

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